Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dance Monkey Dance

Honestly! A five on three for a whole minute and not once was there a guy with his ass parked in front of the net. What the fuck is wrong with this scene?

The Mooseheads lost 5-4 to the Saint John Sea Dogs in the shootout. They blew a first period 3-1 lead. They want to torture me. WHY DO YOU HATE ME?

For that I blog about nothing but my bitterness and extreme frustration. This fits perfectly into the frustration ball I am building as a result of all of my other wretched life situations and defective bits. The QMJHL game summary should be of some use in figuring out what happened. See? Mooseheads on the bottom, Sea Dogs on top. You can recognize the Mooseheads because they have unbelieveably high proportion of sharp angle shots, hence the 14 in 45.

Since both Lewiston and Val d'Or were defeated tonight it means that the Mooseheads are still in the playoff race, only 2 points from tying it up with these other two epic losers.

Bah humbug.

Cookies go to O'Connor. I saw him do some nice defensive things.

Stars go to
  1. SNB - Pard, Nicholas
  2. HAL - Randell, Travis
  3. HAL - Desjardins, Gabriel
Randell for missing the net twice and Desjardins for his lovely 1st goal in which he drove the net to pot his own rebound. That sirs is how you get goals.

Dear Cam,
Please try someone new in the shootouts. I don't know, maybe someone like Desjardins, Bety, or Bernard. What is that? It is too late! Well Fuck you too!

News Links:
Wuest- Mooseheads eagre to avoid setting new record in futility (now with studmuffinly picture of Bona)
Pender hurt in bout with top fighter

Lineup: Sea Dogs at Mooseheads - the lines make NO SENSE.
Game notes: Sea Dogs 5, Mooseheads 4 (much more informative than this blog post)
Mooseheads still alive despite loss

Also, Liske has been interviewed for the Marcel Robert smarty pants award. You should check it out.


Jenn Casey said...

I love that the article about being a smarty-pants is apparently from March 14, 1999. It's so... perfect.

Can we freeze some cookies and throw them at the players? They make me want to murder children. good god what an awful game. okay i'm done, i'm done.......

Q-girl said...

1999. dear god, so accurate! AGAIN.