Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It is funny how when the Mooseheads lose 7-5 to a team like the PEI Rocket, I suddenly become all silent. I don't want to talk about it. I will, but I don't want to. In fact I spent the third period painting my fingernails. I might need pretty fingers for later. I can think of lots of things a petite girl with silver fingernails, a sprained wrist and back/shoulder muscles that have been severely traumatized by wii boxing can do... like defeat the PEI rocket, one player at a time.

Where do I start? Stats? OK!
  • Penalties were low. Really low. The Moose had only one power play, while PEI had two. There were 12 goals scored in total this game and NONE of them were power play goals.
  • The Moose had 45 shots on net. PEI had 33.
  • PEI had 20 hits, the Moose had 9.
  • PEI dominated faceoffs 41 to 30.
  • Evan Mosher made 40 saves on 45 shots for PEI. Yetman made 17 saves on 22 shots, and Corbeil made 9 saves on 11 shots for the Moose

Happy yet? No
It went like this:
1) PEI goal on the first shot - boo on Olsson
2) Mooseheads goal on their first shot - hooray for Knotek
Momentary feeling of peace
3) PEI goal on the 3rd or 4th shot - boo on Duffy
4) PEI goal on the 7th (?) shot - boo on Champagne/ Boo on Mooseheads / Boo on Yeti who is sleeping on the sofa tonight.
A lot of the PEI goals were mad scrambles due to an inability of Yeti to control the rebound and an inability of the defence to clear the puck. The second was on a very strange bounce.

5) PEI goal - Olsson. Little behbeh should be easier to break than a 5'1" 105 lb whore* like me. What the hell guys? Rage rising.
6) A disallowed PEI goal because of a kick in. Despite this, the complete feeling of doom does not dissipate.
7) Mooseheads goal by Piette. Why does pulling it up from 4-1 to 4-2 feel like such an accomplishment? Rage fading.
8) PEI goal by Casavant less than 30 seconds later. Fading rage replaced by feelings of hopelessness.
Yetman pulled. When one boy can't get the job done you turn to another. Today that other boy is Corbeil.
9) Mooseheads goal by Bona. What the hell? I didn't even see that one. I WAS watching. Sometimes the feed cuts out though. At the end of the second the score was 5-3. Feeling Indifferent.

10) Mooseheads goal by Desjardins. One goal differential. I develop those tingly feelings that I assume are only known to maple leafs fans. It is weird.
11) PEI goal by Champagne. A deflection off of Graham Bona. I develop a different set of tingly feelings only known by maple leafs fans. Is this a heart attack or heart break?
Oh. My. God. Ben. MacAskill. Ben was all like "do I have to do everything myself?" so he just skated right down the very center of the ice with the puck like it was no big deal and got his ass right in front of Evan Mosher. I am guessing that he really wanted that Mojito and copy of Juggs. Honestly, when you sequester the boys in PEI a day early and monitor their activity so that they cannot watch their pre-game porn, THEN how are they supposed to relax? He lost the puck but...
12) Knotek was parked by the side of the net. Goal! Score: 6-5. Are angels singing from on high? Am I dying?
13) ugh PEI goal. An unassisted breakaway by Lenehan.

In the last 10 minutes the Moose had a power play but could not capitalize. Nor could they do anything with an empty net which allowed them a 6 on 5 in the final minute and a half of the game. The last two PEI goals were total fuck ups on the part of the Moose. How sad.

Matthew Wuest: game lineup Moose vs PEI

* I may not actually be a whore

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