Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday updates: hope fading

You can thank your Gods that somebody actually gets paid to cover the Mooseheads, and thus they have deadlines and write logical, sensible, sports news with far more scoring summaries and far less cooing about eyebrows. These people are Matthew Wuest and Willy Palov. Thanks to them and their writing, I had the luxury of drinking, wii playing (losing), and all around fun last evening. I did not have to worry about blogging a Moose vs Sea Dogs game I could not watch because of the shittiest ever QMJHL feed. It also means I did not get to see the third period collapse that allowed the Dogs to win it 4-1.

Jessyko Bernard had the only goal for the Moose. You know what that means - puppy biscuits; not milk bones, but the fancy gourmet kind from Bark and Fitz.

The Sea Dogs have a good online record of this stuff. Game highlights can be viewed here, a game summary can be viewed at the Sea Dogs website (as well as a few game photos), and at some point in the very near future game photos will be posted on David Connell's photography page. Good times with the Sea Dogs. You can also read about the game at the Telegraph Journal. Apparently Amyot was conspiring with his former team in the loss. Tsk Tsk. That is no way to win my heart.

Wuest points out the obvious

The Mooseheads lost 4-1 on the road to the Saint John Sea Dogs to stay three points out of a QMJHL playoff spot, trailing the Lewiston Maineiacs and Val-d’Or Foreurs.

Lewiston and Val-d’Or both lost yesterday and are tied with 46 points, each with two games remaining. The last-place Mooseheads, who managed a 3-2 road win over the Bathurst Titan on Saturday night, need to move past Lewiston and Val-d’Or and have 43 points with four games to go.

In a nutshell, the Mooseheads are guaranteed to make the playoffs if they win their final four games of the year. They haven’t won more than two straight games all season.

Palov gives us the gory details too:

With the game tied 1-1 heading into the third period, the Mooseheads were in position to take a run at their second key road win in as many days. But Saint John’s Shea Kewin banked a pass in off Halifax defenceman Pascal Amyot at 9:32 of the final period to spoil the party.

My opinion:
  • When the Moose are taking on the Sea Dogs we need to see lots of hitting. Games in which the Moose wear the dogs out are the games in which the Moose succeed.
  • We need to see more shots from the slot. 36 shots, only 5 dangerous. Who is responsible for parking in front of the net? I am putting a mojito and a copy of Juggs there. Eventually some-Moose will wander in near the opposing net to check it out and we can get a goal off of a deflection or something.
  • Charles Bety: long time, no goal honey. Like, 7 games. You should do something about that.

Around the Q:

1) The Acadie Bathurst Titan are staying put. Good - for soooo many reasons.

Two of my boyfriends have won the QMJHL player of the week awards. If it were not for these I would have no idea that my darling boyfrienemy, Keven Veilleux, had fully recovered from shoulder surgery and was back in the Oceanic lineup. Sometimes I am a bad secret imaginary girlfriend, especially when the boy I hate to love and love to hate plays in a different division... for a team I can't stand. Apparently he has been back in the lineup since Feb 11th. I should get a spanking for being so indifferent.

Veilleux has 3 goals and 6 assists in 3 games. Maybe he made chicken legs at the opposition- I don't know. They really should give prizes for a players' willingness to make chicken legs at the opposition, thus making the opposition look like pussies - *cough* Bryce Swan *cough*.

Veilleux is also the Sportsnet hot player of the week, most likely because he is 6'5" of man meat and cute as a button. It has nothing to do with all of the goals and assists, NOTHING.

Screaming Eagles goaltender Olivier Roy is the defensive player of the week. This is his third time winning the honours this season. "In two starts, Roy helped the Screaming Eagles defeat two division rivals: Saint John and Moncton. He posted a 2.00 goals-against-average and .932 save percentage during that span."

4) 'Chubbeh bunneh' boyfriend Maxime Clermont, goaltender for the Gatineau Olympiques is the Sportsnet cold player of the week.

I hate to see a goalie be all cold and
alone, shivering in their net like a wet dog. It makes me want to wrap them in blankets, give them hot chocolate with marshmellows, and be all nice in the nurturing way and not the 'which part of you am I going to nibble next' way. According to sportsnet: The sophomore goaltender had a week to forget. Clermont was pulled in all three starts last week, allowing a total of 13 goals on 39 shots for a ghastly 0.667 save percentage.

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