Saturday, March 7, 2009


OK. I have been out at a house party, which means that I did not watch the game - but as far as games in the Q this week, let's just say that what everyone else did has been bad for the Moose. Especially since the boys are in last place and are chasing (more-so) Lewiston and Val d'Or, or (less-so) Baie Comeau for a playoff spot. Yesterday, all of the Baie Comeau Drakkar, the Val d'Or Foreurs and the Lewiston MAINEiacs won their games and got their two point. Damn bastards, all of them.

Well today the Mooseheads defeated the Acadie Bathurst Titan 3-2. I covered my eyes and crossed my fingers while opening the QMJHL website. Yes, I am just that big of a loser. It totally changed the outcome of the game, after the fact, didn't it?

Mark Yetman was in nets for the Moose and stopped 44 of 46 shots thrown at him by the Titan. Nick Champion allowed 3 goals on 35 shots by the Moose. Imagine this- your team gets 35 shots on net but only 6 are considered dangerous. I have eaten bread that is more of a threat than the Moose offence...and yet still they win. Good for them.

Moose goals were by Stransky (from Pender and Piette), Cheremetiev (from Bona) and Grant (from Bahm). The Moose killed off 4 of 5 Penalties.

Game stars were:
  1. HAL - Yetman, Mark
  2. BAT - Jezegou, Spencer
  3. BAT - Fr├ęchette, Maxime
I think am goaliematized.

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