Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goalie Rage

Did you see what Tuukka Rask was up to last night? Yeah, I think he stole my panties. With a fit like that happening somewhere in the world I am amazed that my goalie rage induced "spidey senses" didn't start tingling... and by spidey senses I mean ovaries and by tingling I mean "catch the first flight to Providence, lift my skirt, and just bend over". What the hey? Goalie rage is Fucking hot.


Jenn Casey said...

wow. i love the milk crate at the end. Nice touch.

Q-girl said...

Goalies losing their shit is a beautiful beautiful thing. The best we got this year was Yetman throwing his water bottle once. Kennedy was so good at losing it - le sigh for Kennedy.

Zack said...

Tuukka Rask is amazing, I always love watching him in person, and that video was awesome to see, I can't wait til next season when he's starting for Boston because Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez got chased away by jacobs....I mean followed their hearts to a new team.