Saturday, February 14, 2009

You collapsed....just like my banana bread

It was all uncooked in the center. I mean, if this is how I do banana bread, then can you really trust my cookies? I think Paul Byron ruined my banana bread.

Mark Yetman starts in nets for the Moose, Marc-Antoine Gelli-donuts is in nets for the Olympiques. Matt Boland has recovered from a shoulder injury so he's back in the line-up; while Alex MacDonald, Ned O'Brien, George Dunn and Guillaume Pelletier (knee) are out for the Moose.

Desjardins, the young rookie forward who has gotten first line ice time with Knotek and Stransky is off the line....despite the fact that there was just a big news story published only 3 days ago about how he played hard to get on that line. As usual this line pairing goes the way of all line pairings in Mooseland. Gerrad Grant has now moved up to play with Knotek and Stransky. Sluttiest line in the CHL.

In only 31 seconds Jan Stransky gets the Moose on the board with the very first shot of the game. I was not paying attention.

The Moose get a power play but can't get the puck out of their own zone. Pender tried to make a pass to his defensive partner but Paul Byron intercepted to get a 2 on 0 breakaway. Yetman made the most beautiful glove save to shut him down. Why does this all seem so familiar?

How can I learn to hate Yetman if he plays well? I want to be like everyone else and hate him in a bad way!

Louis-XVI took on Ouellet in a feisty scrap and basically nailed him. The removal of his helmet revealed just how luxurious Louis-XVI's hair has become.


Moose are up 1-0 going into the second. I missed half of the second because I got so excited by the first period that I started baking.... as any good girlfriend would. I got back just in time to see Gatineau get their first goal, by Touchette, on a rebound shot.

Pender had a breakaway but the tiniest little Olympique player (I will call him TugBoat) just moved Pender off of his shot and towards the boards.

Knotek and Stransky had a breakaway…but instead of shooting Knotek tried to pass. It hit Delisle’s skate. Knotek only had one shot all game. He must have developed a fear of shooting.

Gerrad Grant gets a goal on the wraparound by shooting it low into the corner. Assists were by Knotek and McDonald. This is his 9th of the season.

Knotek is doing weird things. He was carrying it down the center and he passed it to Stransky who was covered by two guys and skating down into the 'piques zone along the boards. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Bahm makes a huge hit which results in some Olympique retaliation. In the end Bety ends up fighting Domingues…and Bety ends up getting killed.

Bona got hit in the face with a stick which resulted in a Moosehead power play – Jan Stransky gets his second goal of the night- his 19th of the year, after Knotek passed to Stransky across the slot and he one timed it. Amyot gets the other assist.

At some point Gelli-donuts was replaced by a Chubbeh bunneh in nets.


Touchette heads to the Mose net a 2 on 1, but Yetman gets a piece of the high glove side shot. Ben was the defenceman covering it but he was not on Touchette, he was covering the other guy, or an invisible guy, or his own shadow....not sure.

Shortly after that Byron gets around Bona and makes another shot on net which Yetman saves, but he is unable to stop the rebound shot by Chabot. Current score Moose 3: Piques 2.

Penalty called on Stransky. I have got to say, the Moose have been disciplined tonight. We are into the third period and are only now seeing our second penalty kill. I would hate to see them fuck it up now.

The PK was VERY SCARY (Scarier than the Friday the 13thmovie I watched after the game... I am more a fan of the Halloween series). Yetman went down after a shot. He has been down a lot, throwing his body over the puck. The 'piques were not able to opportunize and eventually the Moose got it and carried it out of the zone.

After lots of pressure in the Moose zone Bernard carries it down ice but Piette ends up getting a delayed penalty on a hook in the Gatineau zone. O’Connor and Bona gave Goulet a bit too much room and he made it past them but luckily Yetman, who was well out of his crease, made the save. Bah - too hot.

Unfortunately the defence are slow to clear the puck and Goulet ties it on a PP goal in a shot from the slot. Tied 3:3

Fuuuuuck Pender (look at me, I am my seat neighbours). At the blue line Pender fumbles on the pass from McDonald - Byron steals it, makes a breakaway, and goes high on Yetman to get a goal.

aaaand that is it. Moose lose 4:3

  • Paul Byron is the bain of my existance.
  • Knotek played funny but still got 3 assists and was a killer at the faceoff.
  • Pender is sleeping on the doorstep tonight. If he is hungry he can go next door to the pizza place and maybe find some old crusts in the garbage.
  • Piette will be helping him scavenge for old pizza crusts because of his stupid penalty.
  • Yetman allowed 4 in 32 for a 0.875 sv% but still played well and made some huge saves. If it were not for him it could have been worse - like Drummondville vs Cape Breton worse.
  • So while the Moose did not get a point tonight, neither did Val D'Or or Lewiston.
  • WTF banana bread? You were in the oven for an hour! I did the stick test, there was no goo! You were crusty on top! Am I a bad baker? Where did we go wrong?

The three stars are :
  1. GAT - Byron, Paul
  2. GAT - Chabot, Jean-Philip
  3. HAL - Stransky, Jan
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wrap around curl said...

Did you forget to add something to the bread? One time I baked a cake. Without eggs. That was hilarious...

Q-girl said...

Nope - everything was there. I double checked. Worse yet is that this is my tried tested and true banana bread recipe... but the last two times I have made it has been an epic fail. Raw in the center both times. I think I have to remember not to cook it on convection, because the top was all cooked and crusty looking... but it was just an illusion.