Friday, February 13, 2009

I hate 3 in 3.

I get tired just thinking about how these poor boys have to suffer on the road, shuffling between hotels and playing hockey against some brutally successful teams in their own barns. The Moose are on the road in Quebec for a three in three: taking on Gatineau (tonight), Shawinigan (Saturday) and finally Victoriaville (Sunday) before heading home on the long bus trip.

Some quick news links:
Matthew Wuest - Mooseheads faced with challenging road trip.
Three games in three days. All on the road. All against powerful teams at least 30 points ahead of them. Yep, the Halifax Mooseheads are in a pickle heading to Quebec, teetering on the brink of missing the QMJHL playoffs.
“Six,” said Mooseheads head coach Cam Russell hopefully, when asked how many points he can reasonably expect.
Wow. Cam is funny. Why don't I have a crush on him? I like funny guys.

Honestly though, while I have a tonne of blind faith in my team I am not completely delusional. I do believe that they are the kind of team that can pull off an upset...I just don't think that they believe that they are the kind of team that can pull off an upset. This is despite the fact that they do seem to think they can defeat the other cellar dwellers without really trying. This mentality results in frequent incidents of epic fail.

Pascal Amyot is slightly more reasonable:
“They’re great teams and we have to make it hard on them and make sure that no matter what the score is, they’re gonna remember playing the Mooseheads,” said blue-liner Pascal Amyot. “That’s the message we want to leave.”
If you actually read this news story or the Q-files in the link to the right you will notice that Guillaume Pelletier is expected to be out for the full season while recuperating from his broken knee. That is no shock. He is invited to my house to watch all future road games with me and to give me french lessons so that I can converse better with french goaltenders.

Jersey Auction:
The Halifax Mooseheads will be paying tribute to the Nova Scotia Voyageurs on February 27th by wearing Voyageurs replica jerseys in the home game against the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. They will then be auctioning off the game worn jerseys on the team website. All proceeds from the auction will go to the IWK Children’s Hospital for purchase of a SMART Syringe Pump for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

OK. I am too excited about a game worn jersey auction. Which do I bid on: Goalies, puppy, Bona, Bahm? Whomever's is going cheapest? Can I get a boy to go with that jersey?

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