Friday, February 27, 2009

When looking good gets you somewhere

The Moose faced the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles at the Metro Centre and lost in the shootout by a score of 4-3...but even though they lost it was hard hitting, energetic, edge of your seat hockey for the full 60 + + + minutes.

The team were wearing retro red Nova Scotia Voyageurs (Montreal's old AHL farm team) jerseys from the 70s, which you can see in the game photos here. The jerseys will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to benefit the purchase of new equipment for the IWK children's hospital. In keeping with the 1970's theme they brought back the organist and the old mascot. The atmosphere was electric.

  1. The Eagles opened up scoring only 5 minutes into the game with an unassisted marker by Joey Haddad. I felt angry because Joey Haddad has that effect on me.
  2. Alexis Piette got the first goal for the Moose later in the first period on a pass from MacAskill who came out from behind the CB net.
  3. I had moved down from the upper bowl to some lovely center ice seats in the "sold out" lower bowl for the second period. This was ideal because I needed that view of the next goal.
  4. Early in the second Piette was on a rush into the Eagles zone. He had already had a number of shots on net... many low along the ice and lead-handed, and I thought "oh no he will never score". As he was driving in from the side he did a spin-o-rama and backhanded to Cheremetiev who then went top shelf on the short side for the power play goal. It was at that moment I decided that a little fling with fancy plays may be to my benefit. It was an enjoyable, albeit shallow affair.
  5. The Eagles tied the game less than 2 minutes into the third. It sucked. The Moose had been working soooo hard and the Eagles get a fluke goal when the puck bounced off of an Eagle Player and into the net. Credit goes to Piskacek with an assist by MacDougall.
  6. The Eagles then pulled into the lead on a slutty 5-hole goal. MacNeil was in front of the net but in video review he appears to have been out of the way by the time Piskacek's shot got to the net.
  7. Travis Randell tied it up for the Moose by being appropriately parked in front of the net to receive the rebound on MacAskill's shot.
  8. The game went into OT...then shootout. Mark Yetman allowed the 4th shot by Horyl to get past him. Olivier Roy stopped all four shooters and is currently 14 for 14 in the shootout...the best in the league.
Other notes:
  • Gabriel Desjardins cannot keep his tongue in his mouth. I wonder if he realizes the effect this has on the opposite sex? He should put his tongue away before he is gang raped by a roving troop of 14 year old girls.
  • Bernard landed a huge hit on an Eagle player in the offensive corner. It was nice to see him getting his shoulders some much needed violent physiotherapy. I also think he may have gotten a haircut.
  • Louis-XVI took a shot to the leg and waddled off in pain.He did return.
  • MacAskill got in a fight with MacDougall. He lost. I presume this is because MacAskill is a lover not a fighter... and he is ever so gentle with small animals.
  • Why did Bona and Slaney each get 5 for fighting when no fight actually took place? Hugging - yes, verbal exchange of sweet nothings - possibly, copping a feel - I hope so, but fighting - NO.
  • As a result of shenanigans, at one point, 3 defencemen were in the box: MacAskill, Amyot and Bona. I was terrified and waiting for a meltdown that never happened.
  • Our PK is just getting better and better...holding CB to 0/3.
  • O'Connor had three shots on net. Like actually at the net...not at the signs to the side of the net. A goalie had to stand between him and the twine. O'Connor is due. I am totally rooting for him.
  • Yetman made some killer saves. I like 'springtime' Yeti a lot. I don't know what gets into him when spring hits...but whatever it is, it does crazy things to a goalie fetishist. We get ourselves into awkward situations this time of year. You smell it too right? 37 saves on 40 shots.
  • I never would have put Piette in on the shootout. My impression of him is that he is a better garbage goal kinda guy than fancy goal kinda guy, despite tonight and his best impression of Brian 'Soupy' Campbell. Baby Gabe would be my shootout man.
  • Randell was sporting some elaborate new facial hair. I presume he grew that overnight and sculpted it 5 minutes before the game. By now he probably has a full beard...unlike Piette's moustache which is going nowhere slow. I think he must have given up on that dream.

Three games 3 stars were:
  1. HAL - Piette, Alexis
  2. HAL - Yetman, Mark
  3. CAP - Haddad, Joey

News links:

Matthew Wuest - Mooseheads Earn hard fought point
Game notes: Eagles 4, Mooseheads 3 (SO)

Moose get a point...unfortunately Lewiston went into shootout vs Gatineau and WON.
Now the playoff race looks like this:
Val'd'Or - 43 pts in 61 games
Baie Comeau 43 pts in 60 games
Lewiston 44 pts in 62 games
Halifax 41 pts in 61 games


"Dave Schultz" said...

Gabriel is the Brooks Macek of your team with the baby face and the tongue. no wonder he's my fave.

springtime goalies are always hot.

Jenn Casey said...

Piette's assist was magical. It filled me with hope.