Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hockey Erotica

I am nothing if not predictable. I got this message on my facebook wall from one of my girlfriends today:

"If there was ever a song that made me think of you, it's this one: Scroll to the bottom and I think you'll find "(Thinking 'Bout Your) Five Hole" to your liking."

Yep. That pretty much sums me up: sex, hockey, innuendo and cheesy puns.

If you remember the Rheostatics, then this should be of some relevance to you. The band Five Hole is composed of ex-Rheostatics members Dave Bidini and Martin Tielli, along with Selina Martin, Ford Pier and Bary Mirochnick.

If your interest is piqued then consider the following review:
Next comes an interlude of sorts. ‘Electric Goalie’ is filled with the cheers of the crowd and the moans from a low budget porn over top a sound resembling some acid trip induced carnival music.

Is this my kind of music?
Not really - but the idea (not to mention the lyrics) is hilarious.

For more info check out the website at

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