Monday, February 9, 2009

A love letter? For Valentines?

Oh Moose, there was something in the mail from you today. You are so sweet. I know I am not the kind of squishy girl who enjoys rom-coms or dreams of grand romantic gestures, but I do enjoy high heels; and a little romance (bottle of wine) every once in a while does get you some special favors... in those high heels.

Oh wait! It was just a letter asking for season ticket money... for next fall. Well that is presumptuous. Sometimes with the way you treat me, and the frequent 'dissatisfaction' I feel following our romps, I wonder if you will still be a part of my life come September. Just saying.

At least the CHL sent me a free XXXXXXL t-shirt. It looks great (note sarcasm) on my petite body. Then Hammer sent me Drew Owsley... or an owl key chain, same thing. I keep it stored in my bosom, as I would with the real Drew Owlsey. He is small enough to fit in there. Then there is you - you just ask me for sexual favours and all of my monies *sigh*.

Fine, I'll keep you around, but just because I like the way you look *pet*. Here, have 300 dollars, but don't spend it all in one place, be home by midnight and if you are going to be skanking around with other girls then at least make sure I would approve of them - no stupid chicks. Keeping you around is better than the alternative. If I leave you alone to wander the streets bad things could happen. I got this search on my site meter... which is like a semi-Nostradamus for me. You boys had better watch your backs.

Please, don't do it Mr Anonymous Newfoundlander!

I mean, there is no need for y'all to be put down. Things have been better lately, the weekend split was nice. Old Man Randell agrees:
“As of late, especially, we’ve been playing real good hockey against real good teams,” said Mooseheads forward Travis Randell. “We’re in a tough stretch right now, fighting for a playoff spot, and we’ve got to keep this up.”
Now admittedly, we could thin the herd and put Randell out of his misery for saying that things are "real good", but it is not his fault... grammar is simply not a Newfie's forte .

Other stuff:
  • Please Titan, don't go. I love to hate you.
  • Also read about Spencer Jezegou. He captains the enemy, so we must learn more about him.
  • The Culligan Cares Campaign, which raises money for the development of a cancer centre at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital has raised over $18,000.
  • I saw the funniest cartoon. I wish I could post it or share it... but I can't. It reveals too much.
  • Ohhhh goalie - Quick hits with Raffaele D'Orso
  • FYI. We ladies are crazy. Right now I am so fucked up that I am confusing myself. I am all cycling primal urges. Fuck, kill, fuck, kill. I may also be suffering from a bad case of the gimmie gimmies in regards to something I cannot have. This induces self loathing and irrational crying jags. PMS compounds it. My whole body hurts. Male suicide rates would go way up if they had to deal with such extreme hormone fluctuations. The cure to all of life's problems is sleep. Can I sleep away the pain? Like, all of it? Just asking! Wait...isn't this a Junior hockey blog? Yeah, but it is MY Junior hockey blog. I just needed to get that out of my system. I'll shut up now.


"Dave Schultz" said...

aww, Owsley! so adorable.

The AMS have not yet come begging for their money, it will come soon enough though.

"jail time for shooting a moose" ahh, only in Canada, eh?

Vent away! YAY free speech/press!!

wrap around curl said...

The Chiefs usually send out the season ticket crap a bit too late. Then there are hiccups claiming or reclaiming seats. Papers are lost. The organization can't keep track of deposits...

High heels are lovely.