Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thanks for (not) showing up

Ugh. The Mooseheads lost to the Acadie-Bathurst Titan 3-2 in overtime. It was one huge muthafuckin' dull game, until about the last minute...

Let me explain in point form:
  • The first period ended with less than ten shots apiece, and a score of 0-0. The Moose were not even getting shots on net on their powerplay. In Total they had 5 power plays and 0 power play goals.
  • OK, statement of fact. Ladies love Guillaume Pelletier. He spotted himself two new ladies tonight. Look out Steve Lund and Jean-Claude Sawyer (Former Eagles Defenceman) you have just lost your theoretical girlfriends. Yep you heard me right... an Eagles fan has been converted, with just one peep at our new Francophone delight. He had better play as good as he looks. I had to remind my girlfriends not to let the extensive facial hair growth fool them since Pelletier is only 17ish (don't make me check his birthday**). I was ignored.
  • Yeti was on it like it was the Titan's mama. He was king of the nets, having stopped 33 of 35 shots. Once his glove was so hot that I wanted to have its small, red, fabric babies. The only problem here being that I don't think I can fit that glove in my lady bits. The impossibility of the situation makes for excellent birth control. Yeti gets 3rd star... his glove remains childless.
  • What does a goalie have to do to get a drink around here? Does his water bottle contain special formula, barley water, essence of wood sprite? Why did it take a half a period to refill it?
  • Pender opened the scoring in the second period, assisted by Knotek and Desjardins. I have no idea what happened there.
  • So that is a shot block is it Benny boy? Try again.
  • Oh Desjardins...you had a chance for a breakaway and you did THAT. Pass it backwards out of the Titan zone. This is me... head in hands.
  • Sometimes Gerrad Grant was looking so shifty smooth that I forgot about hating him for his "models' body" and got onto peeping at him for his skills. It is just the way he maneuvers the puck and comes in driving at the net.
  • Travis Randell was the new God of faceoffs
  • Vincent Couture had the first Titan goal and Taylor Lambke the second on a Power play...to bring the Titan into the lead early in the third period. I saw the Lambke goal coming...I saw him parked there by the side of the net and was like nooooo, and then Bahm was like noooooo as he went to take on Lambke ....but it was too late. My mind meld with Bahm was too slow. We need a faster mental modem.
  • The Moose actually pulled off that last minute goal to tie up the game, with the goalie out of the net. Oh miracle of miracles. Overtime was upon us. Who loves Linden Bahm? Well, for one, I loves me some Linden Bahm...but also the 20,000 people from Ontario who find this blog by searching Linden Bahm also apparently Loooove Linden Bahm. He also deserves your lovin' because you can substitute his name into the spiderman song, since it also has three syllables.

Linden Bahm
Linden Bahm
Hittin', Goal scorin', Linden Bahm
Is a puck, in your net
Take a look, to your left
Look out
Puck is above your glove, Nick
Wherever there's an upset
You'll find the Linden Bahm*

Overtime solved nothing and so then we went into the shootout and I was like bah...if there is ANYTHING I trust it is Yetman in a shootout. We got this DOWN!!! Oh stupid bitch PLEASE!!! I was so wrong. Just when ya think you have finally got a goalie in your pocket he turns around and is all like - "oh no, you don't know me". Yetman allowed two goals on two shots by Jezegou and Demkov. Champion allowed a goal by Stransky but stopped Knotek and Bahm... Bastard Titan win.

My heart is once again broken by a goalie...but not really, since I am actually mega pissed at useless forwards who couldn't get it done in regulation.

Edit - News Links
Wuest has a new Desjardins Story- read it.

He leads by example and sets the bar high.

“All the time, I say in my head, ‘Let’s go, Gabe … You can go, go get the puck,’” he explains.

“There (are) 20-year-olds, 19-year-olds (in this league) and I’m 16. It’s hard, but I don’t think that in my head. I go hard and never mind (my age).”
Willy Palov - Shoot out Loss
Matthew Wuest - Last minute goal salvages shootout point for Mooseheads

* could I be ANY cheesier ? The Short answer is NO.
**Oh damn...happy 18th birthday, like, yesterdayish.
PS. Yes I was drinking again.


"Dave Schultz" said...

ok, the Linden Bahm song, best evarrrr

wrap around curl said...

Seriously. I love the song.

Did you sleep in your seat? At the last dull game people snoozing. I didn't blame them...

Q-girl said...

Oh please. DO NOT promote my tacky spiderman songs. I do them for everything with 3 syllables. I did a full version for "science nerd". I should probably be shot for that. Ohhhhhhhhhhh why did my team (minus yetman) do this to me. I have no heroes - don't make me do a re-write of the thunderdome song.