Saturday, February 7, 2009

I want to go to there.

Tonight (or last night, semantics) the Mooseheads defeated the Rouyn Noranda Huskies by a score of 3-1. Two in a row baby, ohhh yeah. Unfortunately that team we are trying to catch up to, Val d'Or, also got 2 points tonight.

Bah who cares, Moose won!!! Goals were by Bety (from Grant and Randell), Cheremetiev (from Bernard) and Gerrad Grant (from Travis Randell). The lone Huskies goal was by Benoit Gervais.

The Moose had only 22 shots on net but were still able to get 3 past Audette. Yetman faced 37 shots, and turned away 36 for the win.

Look at those hands. mmmm. The left one. mmmmmm. Now look at those legs. mmmmm. They do the kickiest things. mmmmmm. I want to go to there.*
... but you knew that already. You damn well guaranteed it! I hate you for that ;) yet still....
Get your sleep. You are not sleeping. This I know!!! How you continue to function is beyond me.

Oh Bona,
The shot blocking/pee dances. I can't believe we killed off that 5 on 3. Sure your shot blocking looks like funny pee dances, but please don't stop. Please, please, please don't stop.

PenDerrrrr and O'Connor. Thanks for the fights.

Jessyko. Why so few and why such short shifts? You still look worn out. Is the groin still bugging you or am I just blind?

Bahm. Sorry about the hit, and the blood - but the fact that you played a full two periods after that as a mouth breather with plugs in your nose was awesome.

Game Stars :
  1. HAL - Yetman, Mark
  2. ROU - Ostapchuk, Sergey
  3. HAL - Grant, Gerrad

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Rik's game photos.

* Line from 30 rock. You really should be watching it! And yes...I have been drinking!

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wrap around curl said...

30 Rock is so amazing. And Jon Hamm makes it extra amazing.