Sunday, February 15, 2009

I bought lingerie and cinnamon hearts...

...please come home with a win. No pressure.

According to Willy Palov's latest article Mooseheads lose second game of road trip, we can expect to see Yetman back in nets and Jessyko Bernard may possibly be out with a shoulder injury. Massage? The game is just not complete without Jessyko. He is the sprinkles on my sundae. I added a picture of him to this post just to make it a bit more colorful and tastee. See, he is totally sprinkles.

Also, while we enjoy ourselves some Yeti, I am distressed that I never get to spend quality time with my boyfriend elect MCT. Our relationship is rocky at best because of the time we don't spend together. It could be worse, he could be LBD. LBD has only played 10 games this year, while MCT has been in for 22.

I had some schemes up my sleeve sweet Mat: seduce Yeti...then wear him out, poison him and beat him up. I tried, but he never fell for it. I also don't think I could have gone through with it - he has those sad puppy dog eyes, he plays the puck more and I am fond of his snappy lobster-like glove. Yeti could be getting many more cookies. With the way he has been playing lately he at least deserves to be licking the crumbs off the plate, but I don't go there because I know how much Mat loves cookies; we can't be giving Yeti both the starts and the cookies! Can we?

1) Chad Earle has 6 points (2G, 4A) in 13 games since joining Victoriaville. Photo evidence suggests that he has also gotten more attractive. You may not recognize him...which is good because this slick beautiful Chad Earle is our enemy now.
2) Points wise, Victoriaville are not so fancy. Keep your eyes open for Baby Tanguay (45 pts), Nestracil (43 pts) and Labonte (41 pts).
3) Try to get Labonte worked up. He appears to be prone to taking penalties. There is nothing quite like getting a team's top scorers trapped in a box.
4) Don't let little Brandon Hynes chew on your ankles.

5) pssst. The Tigres have lost their last 6 games. Kick 'em while they're down.
6) "Mes joueurs vont me dire qu’Halifax est dernier et que ce sera facile? C’est tout le contraire. Les Mooseheads se battent pour les séries éliminatoires. Ils vont donc jouer 60 minutes. C’est ce qu’il faut faire aussi», a complété Jean". So the Tigres players think like that do they!!! Who do they think you are? Please destroy them. Pretty please, with sprinkles on top.

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wrap around curl said...

That quote for Travis is just amazing. And his face totally works for it too.