Monday, September 1, 2008

Drumroll please

The polls have closed and my new QMJHL boyfriend for the 2008-2009 season has been chosen. This does not mean that I will be abandoning my old boyfriends, they just get relegated to a different part of my heart. What getting a new boyfriend means is that this is the boy to which I shall devote my affections throughout 2008-2009.

This is the boy who 1) can do no wrong, 2) will be the target of my desire to smell fluffy pre-game hair 3) receives theoretical shoulder and leg rubs after long, hard games 4) gets coos of affection for fancy saves, 4) or coos of pity for having to ride the pine and 5) will be smothered in tonnes and tonnes of cuddles and all-over face kisses. This boy is Stefan Corbeil-Brisebois. Wait, we do not have a backup goalie yet! I can't believe that the fate of me and my number one QMJHL boyfriend has been left in the hands of Russel, Patenaude and Dallaire. Ugh.

But ya know what - all of Stefan Dumaresque, Mathieu Corbeil-Thériault and Jeremie Forbes-Brisebois look perfectly cromulent - I would nuzzle any one of them. I would, in fact, nuzzle all three. Preferably all at once. See you tonight boys!

Here is how the voting breaks down. There were 33 votes and any voter can vote only once but they can vote for more than one boy at a time which is why there were 39 votes in total. Even my young niece voted and she, like me, was very high on Bobby Nadeau; her logic being that he had a trophy so he is clearly better than the other boys. Oh the threesomes we would have had with that trophy my dearest Bobby. But don't worry, I have a problem being faithful and will indeed accept dates with you when you glide into town.

Yeti - 5 votes
The backup goalie cluster - 11 votes
Bobby Nadeau - 4 votes
Timo Pielmeier - 7 votes
Louis Boileau-Domingue - 2 votes
Olivier Roy - 5 votes
Andrew White - 3 votes
Charles Lavigne - 0 votes (poor Charlie)
Raffaele D'Orso - 2 votes


"Dave Schultz" said...

Timo's sexy pose photos garnered him more votes than he probably would have normally received I think, but he did look tasty.

wrap around curl said...

So many boys to choose from. It was difficult. I might have to ask the council which Chief I should start to love, so I am prepared when Toka leaves in a season or two.

"Dave Schultz" said...

@ wrap--
uh tyler johnson for sure!

Q-girl said...

It was so hard for me that I had to put it up for a vote...but I am glad I got a Moose. Long distance relationships are hard.

wrap around curl said...

I think it will be Tyler.

Q-girl said...

must i be checking out this Tyler Johnson?