Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two in a Row.

Yep. You read that right - two in a row. The Mooseheads had their first back-to-back wins this season with a 4-3 SO win against Chicoutimi followed by tonight's 6-2 slaughtering of the Bathurst Titan.

Despite reports to the contrary, Jessyko Bernard was still out of the lineup with a groin injury, and Pender still has wonky hips like an old arthritic dog. New defenceman George Dunn was a healthy scratch, and Pelletier is still...somewhere??... MIA.

Yetman got the start, chosen over a mildly injured Corbeil, who we would all like to be fully healed before he steps back between the pipes, because fucking around and letting injured goalies play is stupid. Prolonging an injury is not hot.

Either that or there is a grand conspiracy being plotted against Corbeil, which involves lies being fed to the media, but I highly doubt it. When Yetman gets a start tomorrow against the Moncton Wildcats it will add further fuel to the fire. Why don't we just burn a fucking effigy already people? God, you have no idea how to hate properly!!! If it helps - look - we can pretend Corbeil played.

Ummmmm, no. Yetman was playing. Goals allowed was 2, shots were 35. WTF?

I had so much to say but I lost it. I forget everything and I was not even drinking. I feel so lazy and it is so late. Which is why I am referring you to Matthew Wuest's write up in the Metro.

At some point I remember thinking oh dear God Graham you look so good you can eat your cookies off the small of my back. Bona had a bajillion hits, a sexy fight, and two assists. The boys killed 5 of 5 penalties. Bona was just calmly playing like "No, I don't think so! yoink!" and so for that he gets the cookies. Also, because I am biased towards defencemen.

Desjardins was delightful in his interview: the kicky strong French accent, the wholehearted head-back laugh, the singing (in French) and the tongue thing (it must be some neurotic twitch).

I must also say Louis -XVI is trying really hard to be an upper tier boyfriend, and it is working because he is looking hotter with each successive game. Bahm is also buttering me up more lately. I remember thinking at the game today that I was pregnant with a whole litter of his puppies.

...and of course the Euros - they were highly amusing. Even Yuri was amusing me and he never amuses me (sorry, it's true). Stransky (2 goals) , Knotek (2 assists) and Cheremetiev (2 goals, 1 assist) were dominating the Titan.

Yetman was solid when Piette was not stealing his stick (no cookies for Alexis). He stopped 33 of 35 shots (when he did have his stick), a whole whack of which were dangerous.

So to summarise:
Cheremetiev: 2G, 1A, 2nd star
Stransky: 2G, 1st star
Knotek: 2A, 3rd star
Bona: 2A and a fight
Amyot (listed as Matheson): 2A
Bahm: 1G
Grant: 1G
MacDonald: 1A
Randell: 1A
Bety: 1A
MacAskill: 1A

Nothing on the QMJHL site right now seems right. The faceoff stats look whack, so I am not going to believe anything else it says... but you can trust me when I say the Moose did indeed win 6-2.

Happy boys are productive boys.


wrap around curl said...

It's a mothereffin cookie party!

Q-girl said...

It was. The Moose were dominating all game. You would think it was mating season if you saw the way they were workin' so hard, hittin' so much....and doing anything to stop pucks.