Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh my loins.... shutout

Don't call it a comeback... but Travis Fullerton has won his past two games with the UNB Varsity Reds. I mean - lookit - a shutout. What kind of reward does he deserve?

Jan 10, 2009     DALHOUSIE    W 8-2    Travis Fullerton
Jan 14, 2009 at St. Thomas W 8-0 Travis Fullerton

Regarding the shutout:

Fullerton was more than a spectator, mind you. There were lots of good saves among the 29 he registered en route to the first shutout of his AUS career - and the first by the V-Reds this season, incidentally.

"It feels good," said the freshman. "The main thing is, we wanted to get the two points coming out of here. We jumped out to an early lead so I kind of got settled. I just kept trying to do my thing, not worry about the score and keep playing well. And I think I did that."

UNB is back in Halifax to play Dalhousie and SMU at the end of this month. Dreamy. Maybe this time Travis can play, so that I don't have to watch him sit on the bench and yawn, because that is boooooring.

Dear UNB,
Please start Travis in the game against Dalhousie. Also, could you please provide me with a little connect the dots map of those freckles on his neck in order to keep me occupied should he not be playing... my tongue needs exercise.


eyebleaf said...

Best. Title. Ever.

Q-girl said...

I had never thought that it could be taken in multiple ways. Let's put it this way - a shutout can keep a goalie from being shutout (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more).

Anonymous said...

You girls are sick. Fullerton, come on. If you knew the number of Doe Squirrels he was putting his acorns in up here, you would be sickened.

Brandon Verge at SMU...well there is a fellow. He knows how to treat a bitch, that's why he's a Husky.

Q-girl said...

Dear Anonymous
Wonderful and hilarious. Fullerton should be putting his acorns in all the Doe Squirrels and perhaps all of the other girls as well. Though he should be able to land something daintier than a lady hockey player.

As soon as Brandon Verge gets as nasty as Fullerton I may set my gaze in his general direction. Also, Fullerton plays like a dream and doesn't he just look sooooo nasty? Ahhhhh bad boys.

NJD4EVER said...
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Q-girl said...

*sigh*... yeah that's a nice picture of Fullerton.

I also don't think we have to worry about Bobby, he turtled not because of Roy's punches- Roy was singing to him and he was just trying to cover his ears. That shit can cause brain damage and Nadeau needed to protect his brain.

As for Marty, he does that to everyone... and he is not even aged 18-25. Stud-muffin forever.