Sunday, January 18, 2009

No naked Mudwrestling here

The Moncton Wildcats defeated the Mooseheads by a score of 6-4.

  • Yetman was excellent - until he wasn't
  • Ladies beside me - please understand that a goalie playing the puck is an acceptable risk, and a totally worthwhile endeavor most of the time. I am tired of you bitching every time Yetman leaves his net. Everybody makes unfortunate life choices, even goalies. This was one of those times.
  • The defence was excellent except when it wasn't (1st period - hooray, second and third periods - neigh)
  • The Euro line are impregnating ladies with a single wink
  • Moose dominated the faceoff
  • I am not denying the enjoyability of the game... it was very enjoyable

  • Zach Sill was clearly vying for the job of my top Moncton boyfriend, with his two goals (both unassisted) and an assist. He is trying to show me that he is not just a grindey 3rd line guy, but he can also score, like Tomy Joly. However, I love grindey 3rd line guys...third line is good enough for me. I will still be inviting Tomy Joly over for a snog when Sill is off visiting his parents (I can't help myself).
  • WTF was with your faceoff skills (or lack thereof) Mr Sill?
  • Riopel looked sloppy, maybe he was sad because his dog died.

Speaking of dog died. Way to make a long post short. I have to go wallow now. This has been a very shitty weekend.

RIP Big Guy... my one true love (1993-2009)

Matthew Wuest- Lineup: Wildcats vs Mooseheads
*edit - Matthew Wuest - Euro line shines in loss to Wildcats
*edit2- Willy Palov - Wildcats top Moose
*edit3- Matthew Wuest - Belated Weekend Notes


"Dave Schultz" said...

**interwebs hugs**

wrap around curl said...

Ahw what a magnificent dog. I am sorry.

Q-girl said...

He was a God amongst men.

eyebleaf said...

My condolences, Q.