Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holy Hell: The beginning of a new Era

The Mooseheads have fired GM Marcel Patenaude.

According to Matthew Wuest:

The Halifax Mooseheads fired general manager Marcel Patenaude after nine seasons at the helm.

The organization sent out a press release on Wednesday afternoon, thanking Patenaude for his contributions and indicating that head coach Cam Russell will add general manager to his title.

WAIT... GM Cam Russell. uhhhhhh. I plead the fifth.

*edit* Has Patenaude handed back his half of the BFF charm necklace yet?

*edit 2* Owner Bobby Smith discusses the firing of Marcel Patenaude.

*edit 3* Patenaude speaks on being fired.


"Dave Schultz" said...

NINE seasons? that's a long time.

Q-girl said...

yeah, but things have been super 'blah' with the team in the past two years and there have been a lot of questionable decisions made in regards to this team.

You can see an air of disappointment in Gab's face. Look at the "give cookies to picture". Gab does not look happy. His eyes are saying "something here has to change".

The masses would have you believe that a coaching change should have been imminent... but Mr Coach is now GM, so hey, wha-da-ya know (I was gonna make a bj joke... but that would be too classy).

According to an article in RDS
owner Smith and GM Patenaude were no longer BFFs. Patenaude had to hand back his half of the locket, which Smith quickly gave to Russell. I think I saw them holding hands.