Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday updates:'s still monday

Today is Monday Jan 19th 11:00am-ish. Weather is shitty. I am home, alone, again - fool me three times... super shame on me (facepalm).

I am just taking a break from the excitement that is hymenopteran mushroom bodies to let you know who is hot, who is not, and who is left out in ze cold (besides moi). I did not do this last week because sometimes work supersedes laziness, which supersedes blogging (FYI it was Steven Anthony and Olivier Roy...Anthony was also CHL pizza delivery boy of the week, and Roy wins a home security system...or something like that).

QMJHL Players of the week:

For the second time since he joined the Mooseheads, Jan Stransky is the QMJHL offensive player of the week. Let's just put it this way: when he is playing, and not suspended, Stransky is hot. Ice melts in his wake, girls strip, and the Metro Centre goes wild. We don't need a zamboni, roll Stransky on the ice during intermissions - he will melt it and make it all smooth, because he himself is all hot...and slick.

In two games this weekend Stransky had 4 goals, 2 assists and was a +6. He also had a totally unexpected technique for making panties melt (the Q-site did not mention this, but it is very important) - damn that boy can hit.

Also rans include our own Yuri Cheremetiev, linemate of Jan Stransky and thus recipient of some of his radiant hot-hot-heat, Philippe Cornet (Rimouski), and Danick Paquette (Lewiston).

The Defensive player of the week is Maximum Chubby-Cheeks, I mean Maxime Clermont, of the Gatineau Olympiques. Gatineau are well out of their early season slump (all it took was a new Coach), and this week have defeated two league leaders, Drummondville and Shawinigan. Clermont was instrumental in the wins, coming out of the week with a 1.97 GAA and .940 sv% in two games. Props to Sébastien Piché (Rimouski), Maxime Robichaud (Victoriaville) and David Savard (Moncton) for trying, but Clermont has chubby-cheek power and goalie charms, so he wins.

Sportsnet Hot/Not:
Stransky is hot (see above)...there is simply no denying it. It is just like how I could not deny him cookies two games in a row.

The cold player is, ohhhhh snap, Logan MacMillan (Rimouski). Stransky stole his #11 and his hot game.

Considering the package the Océanic paid to acquire him before Christmas, MacMillan will need to step up. The first round pick of the Anaheim Ducks in 2007 was held pointless in three games with a minus-1 rating. The Memorial Cup-hosts may have bankrupted their future at this year's trade deadline by moving many draft picks which means players like MacMillan will be expected to bring a championship to the Océanic.
*aside to Logan* ...damn boy, look at you in your new jersey with all that hair; you look good... for a Rimouski player. The hair is hot in a "the morning after" kinda way. You, me, Veilleux and Cormier. Tell Cormier to leave the medal on. How 'bout it? Nah, I didn't think that would actually work. You are not a Tallindering kind of guy.

Quebec Remparts are the hot team and Chicoutimi the cold team.

Other stuffs:

1) Chad Earle got a goal with Victoriaville. *sighs*

2) If I had a chance to win a pair of small forwards, would I choose either of these? With his small form and his luxurious locks, Eagles looks like a bearded lady on the ice. I would not chose him as one of my slaveboys.

Did you know that Wildcats announcer Les Stoodley has a blog? Did you know that the Wildcats themselves have a blog (but it only crosslinks Stoodly's stuff for now)? Did you know that Moncton Wildcats Captain Matt Eagles has a blog? He totally has to update it, but still, it exists. Did you know that both are linked from the Moncton Wildcats homepage under "news". I had no idea. The Wildcats are Fucking Brilliant.

On that note...I have updated some of the links in my sidebar.

3) Willy Palov - Russell talks about new job.

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