Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moncton, you sabotaged a perfectly beautiful face

The Mooseheads played the Wildcats in Moncton tonight and lost by a score of 4-2. Soooooo close. The Moose out shot the cats 38-28 but just could not outscore them.

The cats struck first with a goal by Randy Cameron at 7:10 into the second period. Jessyko Bernard (assisted by Desjardins) responded at 8:03 into the second, thus earning him a dozen cookies. Unfortunately, the Cats pulled back into the lead at 17:22 when Tomy Joly put one past Yetman.

The Wildcats secured their lead halfway through the third period with a goal by Scott Brannon, but just over a minute later Jan Stransky (yes again; assisted by Bahm and Dunn) pulled the Moose back into contending. Moncton's Devon MacAusland finished the Moose off by potting an empty net goal with 30ish seconds remaining.

Sounds like a hard fought game. Good try my little ungulates. I just have a quick question - if Bahm and Louis-XVI weren't hitting anything then what the hell were they doing? Knitting mittens for baby LBD to keep his hands warm while he sits on the bench and watches Nicola get all the starts?

So Tomy Joly finally ended his 5 game cold streak (you have my permission to steal a cookie from Jessyko). Why Tomy why? Why now? Why against my Moose? ...and what on Earth has the Moncton team photographer done to your precious face? This has nothing on your Titan team photo (meow).

No wonder you have not been scoring, you were too worried about your team photo being exposed for all to see. You know that the Wildcats keep a permanent online record of team alumni, don't you? This picture is forever. Actually the more I look at it, the more I get used to it... and I realize that it is still kinda hot. God, WHAT IS MY PROBLEM??? You were a DAMN TITAN. Everybody hates the Titan. I hate the Titan. I need a Moosehead to slap me around for such treason.*

Bah, enough with the slutting around on my team and back to hockey. Mark Yetman stopped 24 of 27 shots, Nicola Riopel stopped 36 of 38 - and all the goalies get stars. There must have been some damn impressive goalie mating dances going on in the Moncton Coliseum last night. I am sorry I missed it. I could watch goalies dance all day.
  1. MON - Riopel, Nicola
  2. MON - Brannon, Scott
  3. HAL - Yetman, Mark

Matthew Wuest - Lineups: Mooseheads at Wildcats
Matthew Wuest - Happiness is the Moncton Wildcats in the rearview mirror

*this is not an endorsement of domestic abuse


"Dave Schultz" said...

I am now blocked from blogger at work (bastards) which means I can read in Google Reader but can't leave comments.

So I read this post hours ago, had something awesome to say, and now have forgotten.

It was probably something snarky about Joly's Alfalfa-ish hair in his new team photo. Who knows.

Good to see Jessyko back, hope they didn't rush him.

Q-girl said...

Ahhh but I love his Alfalfa hair (in the way that boys love to draw disembodied penises) is what his helmet-head looks like.

Jessyko has been an almost for forever. They have been dressing him and he has been doing warmups, so I don't think it has been too bad...well, except that he has been doing this for two weeks(ish), so it clearly must have been bad at some point.