Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bah...It WAS a conspiracy!

Can't trust the coach, can't trust the owners, and you most definitely can't trust the players. If I can call out my boyfriend for being a douche two nights ago then I can most definitely call out my team. I am so sick of games and lies.

According to Wuest's most recent game notes:

It has apparently been four straight games since 17-year-old rookie goaltender Mathieu Corbeil recovered from a hand injury and was cleared to start. The Mooseheads have gone with 20-year-old Mark Yetman instead, which indicates a change in philosophy.

Marcel Patenaude, fired as GM four games ago, had stated his intention to share starts between Yetman and Corbeil 50-50.

Corbeil hasn’t started since Jan. 4, but Russell said post-game there is a good chance he’ll start Sunday against Cape Breton in Sydney.

PS. Bahm gets soon as I get around to it. I was too drunk to be baking last night.


wrap around curl said...

I think drunk baking is where the magic happens. But I think even when sober I cook drunkenly "yes, these cookies need double the amount of chocolate chips. That's just standard.

Q-girl said...

The great thing about drinking is that once you are drunk you stop caring about whether your team wins or loses. It is the solution to all of life's problems, and right now life is nothing but problems. It makes all these losses seem like fun for me.