Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear puppy

Dear Jessyko,
This is unacceptable. Get better. You have been a maybe for four games now and I am getting so tired of maybes, and almosts, and oh not quites. Unless of course you are still injured, then we wouldn't want to make it worse. Your playing while injured, just after the X-mas break, has lead to your current situation. People get sad when they see a lame puppy. Please stop making me sad.

...and what is it Pender: a knee or a hip? Make up your mind. Geeeze.

Tonight the Moose face the Wildcats. We need puppies in our lineup. Cats hate puppies. Let's just put it this way my darling Moose, if the cats are playing Riopel, then we may be able to get this done. I'm not a psychic...but I have a feeling. You see, you have defeated the Cats already this year. Yet, even when you lost you still managed to get 4 pucks past Nicola Riopel - TWICE. This guy has a GAA of 1.99 and has only allowed 5 goals twice this year, and 4 goals on only three occasions (stats here) - yet it is y'all, the little ol' Mooseheads, that have pounded his net (I know, holy confusing grammar Statman).

If you play a good defensive game (all game), if you crash the hell out of them, and if Brown is still MIA, there is a very good chance you could pull this one off. I mean I could be negative and put out the negative numbers, but the positive spin simply cannot be ignored.

PS. I probably won't be able to watch the game, but do me proud anyway.

Mo stuffs:
1) Just click this link. It will steal precious seconds from your life but you will not regret it. In fact, I think I have seen this smile on at least one Moosehead player - it is his "I am posing with children" smile.

2) The new guys got their team photos done. Someone obviously warned them in advance and they had time to do their hair, unlike some of the other poor saps on the team.

Amyot, Dunn, Pelletier and Stransky were warned about impending photos

Bernard, MacDonald, O'Brien and Randell were not so lucky


wrap around curl said...

Those team photos look much better than ours. With the soft lighting.

My word code is untaters. I have no idea what that could be.

Q-girl said...

Oh wrap, I told you that under chin goatee was a sure sign of a hockey player. Must you be so obvious Pelletier?

The simple beige background helps their pictures, but it clearly depresses Randell.

Untaters has left me bewildered.