Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why are the Remparts so pretty?

It is really just the jersey. It is so pretty with its cream coloured base, and shiny dark red and black accents. Le sigh Remparts jersey, a lesson in simplistic style and clean lines.

So the Mooseheads lost to the Quebec Remparts by a score of 5-2. Last night Lewiston and Val d'Or went into a shoot-out, so both of the other bottom feeders got a point. This is NOT what the Moose need right now.

Please remember that I know jack shit about hockey- that being said:
Grant - had nice moments getting the puck around all those Remparts players.
Bahm - saves his biggest hits for when he is nearest to me.
Stransky - sorry, but I can't give you ALL the cookies. I have to share the wealth and you have to share the spotlight.
Knotek - where does it hurt? everywhere! Ow, sorry you took such a beating last night.
Bernard - If you rock the chinstrap and have ditched the moustache then my puppy picture no longer applies. Where will I find a picture of a dog with a chin strap/landing strip combo?
Yetman - I am all for you playing the puck, just don't direct it TOWARDS two unguarded Remparts who are standing there in your zone.
Everyone - pay attention to your goalie, he is the eyes in the back of your head.
O'Connor - that SO WAS NOT a penalty. Oh I KNOW!!! Let's gossip about the refs and plan revenge.
Amyot - you are silent and strong. Don't worry, I totally noticed your awesomeness - like on that one on one, when you kept pushing irrelevant Rempart player the outside keeping your stick on his stick and not letting that filthy bastard get full control of the puck. Oh yes, I notice these things.
Dunn - sauve. Take me now*. Did you know that you have excellent bone structure to go with that delightful singing voice? You do.
Piette - Stop doing such rediculously stupid things. Punching Marshall after the whistle = stupid.
Penalty kill - where were you last night? We have been doing so well lately and then you abondon me.
McDonald - you are not supposed to be in Yeti's crease. So stay the fuck out of it.

Lavigne - you know that I have always liked you. I have been enamoured from the first time I saw you with the Cats last year. I have noticed that your puck handling has become more disciplined since you joined the Remparts. You are also so good at communicating with your boys... always giving them directions (and just hoping that they pay attention). Your lateral push off (while down on your right knee) appears to occur at the speed of light. I also noticed that you pokechecked in the second. That was for me right? I know it was. Yeah, I loooooveee you* too.
Monast - I miss you.


Matthew Wuest - Russell pulls juggling act in loss (and in other losses and wins as well as all the time... is this really anything new?)
Willy Palov - Moose overwhelmed

* I may not actually loooooveee you and I may not actually want you to take me. Sometimes I just think of the stupidest thing I can say, then I say it.

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