Monday, December 22, 2008

You're too young to be so cold.

Ugh. I am practically internetless. When I did get access, you wanna know what I did? Yeah, checked the Q site for trades.

MacMillan has been threatening to dump my ass for ages. He says I am am too skanky. So I cannot say I am very surprised that he has finally walked away to hook up with some tart in Rimouski. I hope they like shirtless wonders in Rimouski. I will miss his fleshy torso, his flaring nostrils, his fights and his ....uhhhh being injured.

In return Logan has said that this Guillaume Pelletier fellow should be my newest beau. I am hesitant, but he does have two very nice familiar Mooseheadie names: Guillaume and Pelletier.

As for goalies:

Mathieu, honey. We have to talk.
Sure Yetman is your Mentor, but just because he was named sportsnet cold player of the week back in early October, it does not mean that you should have been going for a cold player of the week "award" too.

pssst. Let me let you in on a little secret... it is not really an award. It is more of a dis. Shocking, I know. Sportsnet can be so damn mean. Don't worry. I have sent a box of Christmas Vipers to Patrick King's humble abode. I know you did not play well these past two weeks but no one is actually supposed to tell you that, let alone tell the rest of Canada. The cat is out of the bag now though. What are we going to do about this little situation? Think about that while we are on this little "break" - OK. I am just going to be trolling around Sydney not thinking of you while stalking Olivier Roy.

I know that this is a fairly new relationship, you and I, but may I just warn you that I am a skanky and fickle girlfriend. Just ask Bryce Swan.. and Logan MacMillan, Roger Kennedy, Steve Lund, Peir-Olivier Pelletier, Guillaume Monast, Jeremy Duchesne and Andrew White (Ok, I admittedly, am still not over Andrew).

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