Sunday, December 28, 2008


While I have lost one young man from my boy-harem over the Christmas holidays, I am pleased to welcome three new boys into the fold: the previously mentioned Guillame Pelletier, and newly acquired Jan Stransky (from the Olympiques) and George Dunn (free agent).

However, the addition of two more means that I have too many boyfriends, and unfortunately I am not the one who gets to pick and chose between them. That is up to Patenaude. A girl should never trust that guy to pick her beau's... his choices are excessively jailbaity.

Matthew Wuest speculates
on possible boy-harem re-arrangements that may happen before the trade period closes.
At least one of following three things will happen over the next few weeks. 1) The Mooseheads are going to trade a veteran or two for draft picks; 2) The Mooseheads are going to cut a veteran or two; 3) A veteran or two is going to voluntarily leave the team, seeing the writing on the wall after the holiday break.
As if someone would just up and leave me!!! Why I never!!!

The Moose played the Moncton Wildcats last night and lost by a respectable: 3-2. You can find out more at the QMJHL recap page or the Chronicle Herald.

My newest láska Stransky (wearing MacMillan's #11 - oh my heart is ripped asunder) attempted to charm me with a goal. It is kinda working. Then, today in a game against the Sea Dogs (currently taking place) he gave me another goal.'s love.

Stransky got the game winning goal against the Sea Dogs. That is like a sexual proposition, right? This boy moves fast.

I found him. He is not as elusive as a bigfoot. Ohhh Dreamy. Apparently he is also a self proclaimed hothead and he likes brunettes. We (royal we) like our boys wild and crazy. Yes, Stransky and I shall get along swimmingly. He is totally marlenka worthy.

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