Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well that was.......

The Mooseheads took on the Drummondville Voltigeurs at the Halifax Metro Centre tonight and were shutout 4-0. Despite that, the Moose did not really play a bad game. They battled hard but they just could not get a good shot at the Volts net. Most of the action was in the Moose zone, with Mark Yetman facing 42 shots, and despite allowing four goals, still having a pretty solid game.

The first goal against was a cross crease pass (or rebound) to a Volt directly in front of the empty net on Mark's blocker side during a 4 on 4. The second involved three Volts in behind our D. The third was a slap-shot from the slottiest part of the slot, possibly screened. The fourth- meh, I was not paying attention.

Nathan Dunnett, the Volts's backup goalie (who's pads look identical to Yetman's) got the shutout, after stopping all 17 shots put on the Volts net...well, actually not AT the net. Most shots were put directly at his chest. Dunnett did not have a whole lot of work on his hands. I think I saw him writing out his x-mas shopping list mid game.

Because of the shutout the Volts managed to sweep the stars, which went to 1) Hoffman-1G,1A; 2) Vachon - 1G; and 3) Dumont - 1A.

Gabe (squared) had a good game. O'Connor was physical, tough, in your face. Unfortunately it cost him 4 minor penalties. Desjardins was speedy and opportunistic, with a couple of rushes towards the Volts net.

Travis Randell also had a good game and made a brilliant play where he rushed alone into into the Volts zone, hit a Volt who was moving the puck, proceeded to steal his puck and get a shot on net. Bravo Randell. I would lick you if you weren't so young and hairy.

Where the Moose really shone tonight was on the Penalty kill, allowing no goals on six Voltigeurs Power Play opportunities. The Volts are currently on a 12 game winning streak (this was 12) and have the second best power play in the league at 30.6% efficiency.

Justin Pender was the Boob of the night, taking a penalty on the Mooseheads Powerplay at the end of the second. Matthew Wuest says it best in his post-game notes:
* Justin Pender’s penalty, an unnecessary cross-check to the head of Yannick Riendeau with 1:18 left in the second period, turned the game around. The Mooseheads were down 1-0 and had a power play, looking to draw even, but the Voltigeurs quickly converted to make it 2-0 on the ensuing 4-on-4.

Then, just 2:21 into the third period, Dany Masse scored to make it 3-0 and effectively finish the Herd.

* Pender was benched for the entire third period and Mooseheads head coach Cam Russell said he is “thinking about” sticking him in the press box on Sunday as a healthy scratch.

“You’re on a power play, it’s a 1-0 game, you have a chance to tie the game, and you take a penalty, put yourself down, and make it 4-on-4 and they score a goal,” Russell said. “The game changes. That has a big impact on the game. It’s a selfish penalty, and those are things you don’t tolerate.”
It is nice to see that Cam is going to be holding veteran players responsible for their mess-ups. This is Pender's second major penalty flub in three games.

I will welcome the return of lower totem forward boyfriend Linden Bahm from his knee injury. He was in the game last night playing on a line with MacMillan and Piette but was sitting out tonight. What is up with that knee? Is this the same injury from the Moncton game? Will I have to kiss it better?

More info- Lineup: Volts at Mooseheads

Around the Q:
The Gouge and Delmas BOTH had goals tonight. Holy Goalie. I hate when the Gouge proves me wrong and does fancy things. He is my goalie nemesis.

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