Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brandon Hynes is F'n ADORABLE

See, I told you so. ADORABLE.

The Mooseheads lost to the Victoriaville Tigres today by a score of 5-2. I was drinking. What i remember is:
  1. Logan got a game misconduct for instigating a fight. He was out the second half of this game and will have a 1 game suspension which means he will not be playing next game either. Logan appears to have ALOT of pent up aggression when he comes back from injury. This happened last season too.
  2. We played like poo. There is one word to describe our play and that word is poo. If that poo was somehow animated it would move about like a slug...sluggish poo. Sluggish poo that hits, but still....I may still be feeling the effects of the beer. It wasn't all poo, but the essence of poo remains strong.
  3. Mathieu Corbeil is feeling shame tonight.
  4. Gabe O and Greer should also feel some measure of shame for their role in that 1st goal.
  5. Gabe O should perhaps just feel shame overall.
  6. Justin Pender WAS playing today. There really is no punishment for veteran players.
  7. ...and Bona what was with that turnover in the first....admittedly that was the extent of my attention span before I got too deep into my beer(s). You know the one...from left to right towards the blueline, a semi-long pass onto the waiting stick of a tigre. You passed it right to him.
  8. The moustache jumped from Bona's face to Randell's face
  9. Randell and Desjardins sleep in my bed tonight.
  10. How many times did Bahm get hit instead of doing the hitting?
  11. The Q site says the Tigres had 11 dangerous shots: that seems laughably low.
  12. I like Chad Earle but I want to call him Earle the girl. I know a cat named 'Earle the girl'. Her father was named 'Earle Grey', she inherited his name. Now Chad is by some associative reasoning, inheriting her name.
  13. I keep remembering things and editing my post. Corbeil's diving stick save can take me out behind the school and touch my boobies.
  14. Just check the game recap on the Q site already.

lineup: Tigres at Mooseheads

Maybe Logan is not suspended. I have not heard any word on it. I guess we will see what happends Wed when the Moose take on PEI. Speaking of PEI- their website, while ugly, is super informative and has videos of boys telling you to go to PEI home games. I missed Bobby Nadeau's video. Apparently he was wearing his glasses in an attempt to seduce me onto his island.

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wrap around curl said...

Can I carry Brandon around in my pocket?!

Q-girl said...

Yes. He is, in fact, pocket sized.