Friday, December 5, 2008

Sweet Revenge

The Halifax Mooseheads defeated the Bathurst Titan 3-2 in the shootout. The game winning goal was scored by Gerrad Grant. Mark Yetman stopped 22 shots. Well they showed me, didn't they. I missed most of the game but I was saying before the shootout don't put GG in, he misses the net. He proved me wrong. He was all like "in your face stupid bitch". Stupid bitch indeed.

Moose had 41 shots on net, but most were from the outside. Halifax goals were by Piette and Knotek in regulation. Jessyko Bernard and Gerrad Grant got the goals in the 8 round shootout. Yetman made 7 saves in the shootout and received third star honours.

Mah Boo Tomy Joly had both goals for the Titan and was first star of the game. He must learn that the easiest way to my heart is by NOT making my team look like fools. Damn him. I am torn. Bathurst goaltender Nicholas Champion received 2nd star honours for his 39 save performance.

Dear boys,
When it goes onto shootout and you are going backhand - GO HIGH. Jessyko is such a good puppy. Do as Jessyko did - it will get you goals. That is, unless you are Pender, in which case you should just stick with the scarey-ass slapshot. Fancy moves ARE NOT your thing.
kisses and cookies

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