Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Trouble with tribbles...on your face.

Everyone knows that my lust for Travis Fullerton is so strong that I am capable of overlooking the occasional moustache thing he has going on. I may, in fact, even find his moustache kinda sexy. I would lick it.

...and yet my team is currently suffering from a major overdose of hair in the upper lip region. I do not like it. Is it all just a dare? Why is it spreading from face to face? Is it a joke? Goalie mask shadow? Are some of these mistakes from attempted puberty beards gone horribly wrong?

Decide for yourself. I give you in very fuzzy picture format: Jessyko Bernard, Graham Bona, Alexis Piette and Mark Yetman. They didn't start the season looking like this.

Perhaps this is the first ever recorded case of regressive evolution in man. They are regressing from Homo sapien back into Bryceus swanicus.


Anonymous said...

Funny, we tend to refer to the shady almost-mustache as the Crosby, and it's looked down on in these parts...

For example "Damn, Jay Beagle's gotta shave... he's really got a Crosby if you see him up close."

Q-girl said...

I was going to say "a-la crosby" in reference to the puberty beard/ moustache...but people 'round these parts are very sensitive on the issue of their Sidney Crosbys. I decided to keep the Crosby out of it.