Thursday, December 4, 2008

Everyone loves a Wookie

Yes every one likes a Wookie...Hairy, smelly, stupid...just like boys. Christmas is fast approaching as are Christmas Parties and the wretched Secret Santa gift. Do as I always do- buy a Wookie.

My Dearest Moose,
I would give you a wookie hidden in a tin of holiday shortbreads. The shortbreads would have almond icing. The almond icing is my thing that I do.

I miss you already. I can't help it Moose. I love you *hugs*. I don't care if you are hairy, smelly, stupid, arrogant. I just want you to try. I want to know you are doing your very best to win. I forgive you for being arrogant, cockey, selfish, slutty in the five-hole, all those turnovers, letting a fool Titan get in behind your D, shooting the puck over the glass, giving up goals on our PP, and missing the net on every shootout attempt.

Sometimes when we lose 'in a bad way' I get very grouchy and I take it out on you. For that I am sorry.

Please take my peace offering of cookies. Just don't offer any cookies to Gerrad Grant since they might ruin his "Model's body". Yeti shouldn't be getting any either because we all know that junk food gives you pimples and we wouldn't want to sully his "good looking" face. Perhaps Grant and Yetman do deserve cookies but they are not getting any, at least not right now. I don't hate them I just want to razz them for acting the fool. We must always remember that the body is a temple, or at least this is what we will tell them when we deny them their cookies.

Also, too many cookies will make you fat. I need you strong for revenge - REVENGE I SAY, which should be coming this Friday as the Moose take on the Acadie Bathurst Titan at the KC Irving Regional Centre in Bathurst. Revenge = Coos of love. Cookies will be handed out after the game.

Love, mulled wine, warm chestnuts and other winter goodies

  1. Logan MacMillan should be back in the lineup for Friday as the Moose take on the Titan.
  2. Tomas Knotek(Halifax) and David Stich (Saint John) have been invited to try out for the Czech World Jr team.
  3. Canada's try-out roster for the World Jrs has been announced. Only 5 Q boys have made it: Patrice Cormier (Rimouski), Kevin Marshall (Quebec), Angelo Esposito (Cold day in Hell, I mean, Montreal), Chris DiDomenico (Saint John), and Jake Allen (Montreal). Wow that sucks. None are actually expected to make the team.

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