Thursday, December 11, 2008


Cam says the team played well in PEI. In fact he said it twice. Did I ever tell you that I hate being lied to. REALLY HATE IT.

Let's pick apart what was reported in the Metro and the Chronicle Herald:

Cam -“You know what? I think that was one of our better games of the season,”

me - Better than that game against Moncton?

Cam - “We played hard, killed a lot of penalties and didn’t allow a lot of scoring chances or a lot of shots.”

me - We killed 4 of 6...that is a 0.66%. STATISTICALLY THAT IS NOT GOOD. The Moose allowed 20 shots, but of those, 13 were considered dangerous.

Cam - "We controlled the puck well, we had good scoring chances and our power play looked good. But there were just a lot of chances we couldn’t finish on and we had some untimely turnovers that cost us."

me - dude, we only had 6 dangerous shots. Six. Six dollars can not buy me two lattes at Starbucks. Six is not a lot. I hope you do not help your kids with their math homework. Sure we had lots of shots from near the blueline or from funny angles but those are not considered good scoring chances.

Pffffff. I wish he would say something negative for a change. I want to be the only one throwing kisses all over my Moose...and even I am negative from time to time because I know a dud when I see it.

Ok I am done pissing on Russell. On to sweeter things.

Eric Louis-Seize
and Yetman will be out for Saturday's game against the Moncton Wildcats. Louis-Seize has injured his shoulder in an attempt to imitate my abominable shortbread. Our abominable netminder is still feeling sore in his boy-bits region. Stupid adductor muscles.

Logan MacMillan may be moving back up to play wing on the first line.

From the Mooseheads website:
  • Tomas Knotek is the Mooseheads Player Award Winner for the month of November.
    The 18-year-old native of Kladno, Czech Republic, Mooseheads’ first round pick in the 2007 CHL Import Draft, recorded points in nine of Halifax’s 13 games during the month, including five multiple-point games, registering eight goals and nine assists during the month to move into the top spot on the Mooseheads’ scoring list with 23 points, including a team leading 11 goals.
  • Rookie Goalie Mathieu Corbeil was the Academic player of the month. This is really not Ben MacAskill's month. He had no points all month, ended up a -9 in those 12 games, and now someone stole his smarty-pants award.
  • Some of the boys did volunteering at the with pictures.


"Dave Schultz" said...

quickies, boy-bits, and smarty pants. This is why I love you.

Q-girl said...

I am beginning to think Yetman doesn't even really have boy-bits. I think he lies.

"Dave Schultz" said...

OMG hahahaaaahahaahaaahahahaaa