Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's about time Louis Boileau-Domingue

The Mooseheads faced off against the Moncton Wildcats tonight and lost by a score of 6-2. This was the final home game before X-mas. I have the DTs already.

Starting in nets for Moncton was their new baby goalie Louis Boileau-Domingue. I have been waiting all year for this. Louis faced 25 shots, allowing only two goals - both were tip-ins off of shots from the point by Justin Pender. Alexis Piette and Charles Bety had the goals for the Moose.

Charles Bety had the second goal of the game

Louis is speedy and he never stops moving. He was not really challenged so I didn't get a chance to see what he can really do under pressure, but given that the only goals he allowed were tip-ins, that in itself is pretty admirable. This is Louis's third win of the season. He is not getting so many games (only 6 so far this year) but hopefully that will change in the second half.

Do you think he knows he is my future imaginary Q-boyfriend?

The Moose played well in the first, getting both of our goals within 10 minutes. We came out of it up one goal, and then were a little dumb in the second allowing the wildcats to tie it up - when the Moose allowed yet another short handed goal... in the form of a break-away only a few seconds into our powerplay.

The third period however was a mess. It killed us. Four goals against! Merry X-mas to me. This loss is the coal in my X-mas stocking sock. Yes, I have been bad.

Moncton goals were scored by Lessard in the first, Brannon in the second (grrrrr), and Brown (x2), Cameron, and Lessard in the third. Brown (1) and Lessard (3) got some of those theoretical shiny stars for their hard effort and winning ways, as did Justin Pender.

Mathieu Corbeil takes the loss in nets for the Moose. This was, by far, not his best game, having allowed 6 goals in 33 shots. Ugh a 5-hole softie!!! Really Mathieu? Were you threatened and afraid that other young goalies would steal my heart? It is not unplausable. He does look like a fluffy baby very fluffy.

Supposedly, filling in for Yeti is a great learning experience for Corbeil. So this is him strutting his stuff, eh? Oi! Strangely enough, Dumaresque was not backing up Corbeil. The team had Yetman dressed even though he is still injured an hasn't skated for a week.

There was plenty of fun in fight form: O'Connor vs Sill (dreamy), Bona vs Boyle (ugh that hair - disgusting) and MacMillan vs Boyle (Logan made him bleed). For your entertainment may I present the Logan MacMillan strip tease (Courtesy of BelarusRikk).

I forgot to mention that our PK was awesome today. The Moose killed 6 of 7. Good job PK boys. Kisses to the boys on the PK. Now, do that in Sydney too.


Anonymous said...

LBD sees every shit you write about him on your stupid blog and he laughs at carzy girls like you!

Q-girl said...

That's OK. You are taking this shit wayyyyyy too seriously, sister.

Step back, breath, relax. You need to realize that I am joking,
or you need to get a sense of humour about this whole thing.

I have a boyfriend. I don't want to date 16 year old boys.

Louis has the tools to become a successful goaltender. I wish him nothing but the best... this is what makes him my "imaginary boyfriend of the future" it just means that I support him and hope he does well (otherwise I am supporting a dud, and that does not look good on me).

Capishe? You can insult me all you want... but I am not going away and I am not going to stop enjoying watching goaltenders do their thing.