Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does Mike Smith play for the Mooseheads?

Tampa Bay Goaltender Mike Smith says:

"The coaches have given us an opportunity to know what to do putting the game plan on the board, in practice we go through what we're supposed to be doing in situations, then we go on the ice and it's like we forgot everything," Smith said to the Tribune. "I don't know if we're a dumb team, if we just don't get it or we don't deserve to be in this league, I don't know, but we are making the same mistakes we talk about game in and game out."

He's talking about us right? Once again the PEI Rocket have defeated the Mooseheads, this time by a score of 5-2.

Justin Pender had his pocket picked tonight and it led to a goal. The rookie excuse does not hold in Pender's case. At least 3 of PEI's goals were on the break-away. There were yet other break-away opportunities that Corbeil stopped.

To top it off, a puck may have gone in off of Graham Bona. I love how our defence are always positioned so that pucks deflect off of them and into our net. Then veteran defenceman Ben MacAskill was a -3, the worst +/- in the game. As a result of our awesome defensive play Corbeil allowed a whopping 5 goals in 20 shots, two of which were power play goals.

On a positive note: Kisses to Desjardins and Piette for getting pucks past Nadeau, only two of 29 pucks to do so. Extra kisses to Gabe for picking his spot and getting it in on a sharp angle shot.

PEI swept the three stars:
  1. PEI - Casavant, Benjamin
  2. PEI - Provencher, Maxime
  3. PEI - Olsson, Simon
You will note: no stars (or star points) for Bobby Nadeau.

Just this very morning Matthew Wuest published an article describing how we NEED to be stealing these points from PEI. Ned O'Brien knows it, which is why he at least had an assist tonight:
“Coach (Cam Russell) is always talking about catching this team in the standings,” said Mooseheads rookie Ned O’Brien. “We’re going to be fighting with them for a playoff spot all season, so it’s going to be an important game for us. We get a lot of shots out there, but we need to score on our opportunities,” O’Brien said. “It seems to be our weakness … We put on a lot of shots, but just can’t finish.”
2 goals on 29 shots - it is like O'Brien can predict the future. The Moose, much like the Tampa Bay lightning, know what the problem is... or at least PART of the problem. Are we a dumb team? If not, what are we going to do to fix it?

Coming into this season we were told (by Moose Brass and the newspapers) that we had the offence, but as of right now our 2.67 goals per game is the worst in the league. Our defence do not seem to be helping matters any, and to make matters worse our goaltenders do not have their head in the game but are sometimes dreaming of riding magical unicorns into the sky, even though Unicorns can't fly (that is Pegasus). It is because magical unicorn dreams are better than the thought of playing behind this team.

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