Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MacAskill is still a Smarty Pants

From the Mooseheads website:

Twenty-year-old defenseman Graham Bona is the Mooseheads’ “Citadel Halifax Hotel Player of the Month” for September*, 2008. Bona received the award from Mooseheads’ Head Coach Cam Russell at the team’s monthly luncheon at the Citadel Halifax Hotel today.

Bona participated in all 10 of Halifax’s games during the month, exhibiting strong play in his own end as the team recorded a record of 4-6-0 on the month, winning four of their last seven games.

“Bona has been a leader both on and off the ice for the Mooseheads this season,” Head Coach Cam Russell remarked. “With twelve new players in the lineup this season, Bona’s strong leadership qualities are beginning to bear fruit, especially with our new players, in making our team more competitive as the season progresses.”

At the same time, fourth-year defenseman Ben MacAskill received the “Scholastic Player of the Month” Award, awarded to the player who best combines talent, academic and general performance. The 19-year-old, who recorded nine assists, while playing at a plus five rating, in 10 games during the month, received his award from Mooseheads’ Education Advisor Ross Thompson.

*that should say October

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