Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yeah...I should probably mention this

Matthew Wuest is reporting that Nathan White of the Telegraph Journal is reporting that Sea Dogs General Manager Jacques Beaulieu has said that Logan MacMillan would be interested in playing for the Saint John Sea Dogs, should he be traded at the Christmas trade period. That was a handful of words, hey?

I like the Sea Dogs - I wish them only good things...like turtles cookies (delicious) and Presidents Cups. If Logan went to the Dogs I could be happy with that. If he went to Rimouski I would want to claw out some eyes.

So you can check those links for more details...

...but when I heard about the Dogs looking at Logan like he was dipped in chocolate, I kinda got to thinking about their 20 year old situation: why weren't the Sea Dogs trying to pick up Murd? Especially since their 20 year olds are not producing to expectation...then I went and actually read Nathan White's article and what do you know...they talk about Murd.
He's actively shopping for 20-year-olds, who can be traded at any time. Beaulieu made a pitch for Murdock MacLellan, who's on Cape Breton's protected list but playing for the Dieppe Commandos of the Maritime Junior A League. But Beaulieu said Screaming Eagles coach/GM Mario Durocher refused to trade the gritty two-way player to a team in the same division.
Now, I thought Murd was playing for Dieppe because 'he chose' the MJAHL for his chance to play a leadership role on a team that was local. Then I find out that Durocher is just being a dink; so Murd cannot play the highest level of hockey available to him, in a place where he can be comfortable at this stage in his career... because Durocher loves depriving kids of opportunities. Good job asshat.

Can you not tell that I am pro-player, and I believe that GMs should look at the best interest of the player. Murdock MacLellan is a high level Q-league caliber player. He should be finishing his career in the Q.

Edit - If the dogs can't get Murd, may I suggest Tomy Joly *lick*

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