Friday, November 7, 2008

Alarming news

The Moose faced the Screaming Eagles tonight at the Metro Centre and lost by a score of 5-2. It was a hard fought game, and had it not been for a couple of unfortunate bounces in favour of the Eagles... the Mooseheads maybe, almost, coulda, fingers and legs crossed, 'had it' tonight.

Yetman was pulled halfway through the second after allowing 3 goals on 10 shots (some were very flukey goals),, well....umm. Corbeil was good in relief, allowing only one goal on 17 shots in the final 33 minutes of play. If Yeti has any thing to look forward to it is my saying that I am impressed with his development as a puck handler. It is just too bad Bona fails to notice the puck being passed to him.

Corbeil models the latest in puck-bunny resistant head gear.

Mooseheads goals were scored by Knotek (from Desjardins) and Pender on the Power Play (from Knotek and MacAskill). Haddad, Meilleur, MacNeil (x2, 1 ENG), and Lavigueur scored for the Eagles.

Game stars were:
  1. CAP - Haddad, Joey
  2. CAP - Roy, Olivier
  3. HAL - Desjardins, Gabriel

Now boys, I don't mean to be alarmist...but I saw puckbunnies tonight. They were in the bathroom getting tarted up before the end of the third period...just waiting to make their locker room stroll. Do you know they bring eyelash curlers with them to hockey games? Scarey. They may bite, but if biting is your thing, then maybe you should beware the disease. Just saying.

Some men like a challenge...just not hockey players.

On another equally alarming note - Jessyko Bernard. Sit down, we have to talk. Are you scared of insects? I just ask because, and don't freak-out or anything, but I think there are caterpillars on your face. No no, calm down. Here, let me just remove them with a razor and some shave gel.


Paquette is replacing an injured MacMillan in the lineup for the Canada Russia Challenge.
Matthew Wuest (Metro)- Piette's stellar play keeping him out of the Pressbox
Matthew Wuest (Metro)- Desjardins, Lemieux get U-17 shot.


"Dave Schultz" said...

oh Bona. full of suck, eh?

and not gonna lie, Bernard has great brows. Once you groom them for him, he will be eternally grateful.

Q-girl said...

the caterpillars were not above his eyes...there was one on his chin, and one above his lip.

eyebleaf said...

Puck bunnies at a Q game? Damn...

"Dave Schultz" said...


Q-girl said...

Oh eyebleaf...that means you have not seen this.
or this

I mean, this is old, but if it happened then, it is happening is just that now they use facebook. I totally wouldn't know anything about the skank powers of facebook personally, ahem.

Anonymous said...

okay, so here it goes.
dont take this offensively , etc.
but what the heck ? you dont go commenting on his eyebrows like c'mon now , hes a man ! you should be commenting on his great hockey skills or what he needs to improve on, NOT what his appearance is. like honestly, thats so judge-mental. you dont even know the guy i bet, yet here you are ragging on him over something as silly as his eyebrows. my personal opinion - start commenting on hockey skills not peoples eyebrows ! :)


Q-girl said...

Dear anonymous.
I like Jessyko first i was upset that we drafted him over Tyler Noseworthy but now I am quite pleased with his game.

The comment was not about his eyebrows, it was about his puberty moustache and chin landing strip. Because really, who rocks the landing strip? That gross guy that Britney spears used to date.

Hockey fan - yes, facehair fan - no (unless it is Travis Tullerton's moustache). I am just not a fan of facial hair. Eyebrows are not a choice- face hair is. I tell everyone to shave. Sometimes I tell them to shave the back of their necks (a-hem Graham).

As for eyebrows. I have an obsession...but normally I only point out when someone has good eyebrows: like Alex Noel, or Maxime Sauve. It is just a little thing i do because it can't always be about hockey and skills and goals and falling down or mishandling the puck...sometimes it is about goofing around, laughs, face hair (George Parros anyone?) and dissing puckbunnies.