Sunday, November 9, 2008

We lost...but fret not...

...because, did you know that 4 goals against is Riopel's worst performance all year? Did you see the way he reacted after goal 3, after goal 4? Yeah ...he was pissed. It was subtle but he did indeed look pissed. Did you also know that 0.869 is his worst save % so far this season?...and it came against li'l ol' us. Good job boys. Sure you lost by a score of 7-4, but you gave those 'undefeated in regulation' Moncton Wildcats a good run for their money.

Once again I was deprived of the adorable LBD...because Moncton's selfish ass wants to maintain their league record-breaking win streak. Someday my sweet LBD... someday I will see you play.

Yetman allowed 5 goals on 28 shots, and was pulled from nets after two quick back-to-back goals by the Wildcats around the 17 minute mark of the second period. You could see Yeti eyeing the bench waiting to be relieved of duty after goal 4, but when goal 5 went in shortly thereafter, and he was finally pulled, his frustration began to show as he threw his water bottle at the glass. Goalie rage is just is. I can't explain it. MCT allowed 1 in 11 during the last period of play. According to Wuest, in a post game report from the Metro:

Yetman was visibly upset after being pulled again, tossing his water bottle. He also did not appear impressed on Thursday, when he was yanked after allowing three goals on 10 shots. Yetman didn’t play poorly in either game, although the decision to pull him against Moncton was easily justifiable. On Thursday, Mooseheads head coach Cam Russell said he made the move because he “wanted to see what the kid (rookie Mathieu Corbeil) could do” and to “spark” a lifeless bench.

Overall Moncton managed to get 40 shots on net compared to the Mooseheads 29, and they were 2 for 2 on the powerplay.

Knotek disproving the Voracek effect theories with 13 points in 11 games. Remains undrafted.

Mooseheads goals were scored by Cheremetiev and Knotek, two apiece, with assists by Bernard (x2), Knotek (x2), Pender, O'Connor (x2) and Cheremetiev. Yes, you read that right - Knotek with 4 points, Cheremetiev with 3 and Bernard with 2 (while being a minus in the caterpillars department - I totally noticed, lookin' good).

Moncton goals were scored by Matt Brown (x2), Matt Eagles, Scott Brannon (ENG), Sasha Famin, and Mark Barbario. OK, FYI: this team has FIVE guys named Matt - Eagles, Brown, Boyle, Lahey, and Bissonnette...this has got to be a record.

Linden Bahm = +2 and 5 good hits, just sayin'. SO what else. hmmmmm. Travis Randell, -12 for the season? Shake out if it are not looking good. You are just out on the ice falling down. That Randell/ Snow combo we (and by we, I mean coaching) were looking at for secondary scoring are just not getting it done. Pender fought. It was long lasting like Stride gum. Yes, there is Video (than God for Rik).

Ohh now that I watch that video (ok, blogger is being a jerk and there is no video so link here)...poor Pender - ow. Who needs an ice pack today? I see Lane giving him multiple shots to the head with the very hand he is using to hold Pender's jersey collar.

Mo' News:
Willy Palov (Chronicle Herald) - Wildcats Record setting streak comes at the expense of the Mooseheads.

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wrap around curl said...

Punching with a jersey; I have decided to call that Boogaarding.

I heard from the Chiefs photographer the rookies were excited to fight. The photographer also told them not to fight in the corner since it's hard to see the action there. And snap pictures. The boys are learning.