Thursday, October 9, 2008

When the team gets it all wrong.

No, I am not talking about the Mooseheads either. First the UNB V-reds have my secret lover Travis Fullerton listed as being only 5 ft tall. That is shorter than me!!! As if I would EVER get my lovin'-on with a fellow so short. I don't do midgets (I am looking at you Gougeon) .

Now the Augusta lynx have my sweet P-O Pelletier listed as being born in 1984. That would make him *gasp* 24. That is ancient. All of my boyfriends must be at least *mumbles mumbles mumbles* years younger than me. 24 - that is just unacceptable.

I am so glad I can talk about Pier again. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Have I said coooo lately? Cooooooo *pigeon dances*. I hope you know to expect updates about the Augusta Lynx on my blog now. For example- here is P-O in practice. Yes, he is sticking with number 35 for now. Oh, he poke-checked. I think I just got pregnant.

P.S. Why can't I buy a P-O Pelletier Mooseheads game-worn jersey?


Anonymous said...

It may be tough making the roster. There are four goalies in camp with one more expected to be sent down from the Ad.


Q-girl said...

The horror. I have noticed all of the goalies there on try out. Life is hard for a goalie.

Hershman - too short
Martin - since when do hockey players come from Texas (OK I am a little scared...ohhh Devils)
Bucchino - uhhhhhh I can't think of a snappy comeback

Despite a poo year with the Mooseheads in 2007-2008 I still hope Pelletier does well and makes the team. I think his skills are not truly reflected in his 2007-2008 stats.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you have found a box score from last night - so here is the one from my web site.


Q-girl said...

oh I already know. I ALWAYS know, because I am stalkingly creepy like that.

...also because I have google reader sending me Augusta Lynx press releases, and google alerts sending me my Pelletier news.