Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh snap secret lovers!!!

Peter McGuire has written a pretty scathing criticism of the Saint John Sea Dogs performance for the first 10 games of the 2008-2009 season. The season has begun with a slow start of 4 wins and 6 losses. To top it off the Dogs have traded away tiny, two-way forward Francois Gauthier to pick up a larger ex-OHLer in 6'1" Kyle Page. Why does it seem that hard workers are not always appreciated as 20 year olds?
Beaulieu said Paige is a similar player to Gauthier, but brings more size than the five-foot-nine St-Jean-Chrysostome, Que., native.
I say boo-urns. Kyle will have to prove himself and make me love him.

Let's see what Mr McGuire has to say about some of my Harbour puppies:

Chris DiDomenico: He's as lazy as all get out at times and displays head-turning skills at others.

Michael Kirkpatrick: Here is a terrific example of how the game should be played. Hard-working, fearless, skilled and smart, Kirkpatrick will develop into a team leader.

*Q-girl does Kirky inspired Kicky dance which concludes when I throw cookies into the air like confetti*

Robert Mayer: To put it politely, not everyone thought he was the man. But suddenly, the 18-year-old signs a contract with the Montreal Canadiens and all appears rosy. Sorry, but he'll have to do more than put pen to paper to prove himself.

Payton Liske: The guy is six-foot-five but plays more like five-foot-five. Far too soft, especially for someone occupying one of the three coveted 20-year-old spots.

*...and yet they traded Gauthier*

Matthew Stoddard: So far this season, Stoddard is pointless in nine games and has a team-worst minus-6 rating. If this trend continues, (he) should prepare for a change of address.

Snap indeed. Someone in the media should have bitched out the Moose last year. They could have used a firm kick in the nads. I hope this gets the Dogs ire up and gets them working their butts off. They need to play like they are giving the opposing team a hate-fuck. What?

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