Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another 19 year old forward is just what we needed.

It has just been announced on the evil Titan Website that the Halifax Mooseheads have acquired Radek Vlasanek for a 5th round draft pick in the 2010 draft. This means that we now have a 26 man roster. Who is going to be sent down?

Radek fills the Mooseheads requirement for having at least two Czechs on the roster at any given time, which is more important than ever now that the Columbus Blue jackets are keeping Jakub Voracek and robbing us of all of the delicious draft picks that we could have gotten for him.

Furthermore, it is good because what our team needs is more old guys who will not be playing in the league next year, and even fewer draft picks for the years to come. As it stands now we only have two 16 year olds in the system...and teams who are rebuilding should always do so by filling up their roster with as many 19 year olds as they can get and throwing away draft pics.

Let's check Radek's statbits from last year when he played with the last place Drummondville Voltigeurs, shall we:

22 points and a +/- of -29...and he wins 25 % of his faceoffs. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

He had the second worse plus/minus amongst all of the players from last year's Voltigeurs team. That is just what our seemingly defensively irresponsible team, who has allowed more goals than any other team in the league, needs right now.* He is big, and heavy (read fat: 235lbs) and apparently slow - oh hooray.** WHAT!!! They are giving him 1st line duty. Is this just so that Knotek does not feel lonely?*** Wow Yeti/ got really lucky with this one.

Unfortunately, acquiring Radek still doesn't solve this problem.

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Tell me about it. Did they do this just so that Knotek can have a "friend"?