Saturday, October 11, 2008

When the Fog rolls in...

I know I am slow. I was drinking last night so not only was I too drunkenly lazy to write a blog post, but I also did something stupidly regrettable. I had to recover from my shame before I could get around to posting.

So the Mooseheads faced off against the St John’s Fog Devils Montreal Junior last night and were defeated by a score of 4-1. Eric Louis-Seize (assisted by Gabriel O'Connor) had the lone goal for Halifax. Dion (2 goals), MacDougall, and Grenache found the back of the Mooseheads net for Montreal. Mark Yetman had the loss for Halifax stopping 23 of 27 shots and allowing one PP goal. The Mooseheads outshot the Junior 33 to 27.

Jake Allen was spectacular in nets for the Fog Devils turning aside 32 of 33 shots for the win. Let me just say that he was never that impressive last season when he was in town with the Fog Devils. He was, however, not doing a whole hell-of-a-lot of that famous Jake Allen puck handling. He did do one nice smooth pass to one of his teammates who was waiting on the Mooseheads side of the neutral zone. I also noticed that he only cuts the ice in front of the posts - how bizarre.

If Jake Allen would hug me like he hugs that post I would buy him some proper socks to match his gear.

How were the Moose? They were not defensively responsible. Rookie defenceman Ryan Matheson ended the night a -2, and he was left all alone in our zone trying to stop MacDougall on that second goal. Where the hell was everybody? I also have to wonder where everybody was on the fourth goal when Grenache was parked right in front of the net and waiting on a nice clean pass to get that goal.

Every time you fail to be defensively responsible in your own zone a Yeti dies. No wonder they are going extinct.

At least Logan MacMillan can win faceoffs. He was a machine, winning 17 of 27 faceoffs. I was very amused by his answer in the game day program: Q- What are his game day rituals? -Answer: I don't talk to Justin Pender. Yeah, I wouldn't want to catch a case of the IR Penders either. Also, MacMillan likes Polar bears. All together now - ahhhhhhhhh.

I just like this picture and needed an excuse to post it.


We added a new player to our protected list.
Matthew Wuest (metro): Game Notes: Junior 4, Mooseheads 2 (yeah that's a mistake)
Willy Palov (Chronicle Herald): Moose fall to Junior
Chris Cochrane (Chronicle Herald): Patenaude Answers the criticisms

This Cochrane article made me laugh milk out of my nose thusly :^::::::::::: (Thanks IPB)

While explaining his acquisition of European import Radek Vlasanek from Bathurst, for a sixth-round pick in 2010, Patenaude conceded he was baffled by negative public reaction to the deal.

Vlasanek, says Patenaude, is short-term help for a losing team that needs more veteran presence. He notes the Mooseheads can use such a player to help with the development of fellow import Tomas Knotek.

How can acquiring a big slow player with 22 points last season help a with the development of a fast skilled player who had 66 points in last year's regular season?

Patenaude also dismisses another criticism, a common one made here, that by adding another veteran on a rebuilding team it means more press box time for another prospect.

"If you go only young, it could be a mess and it’s not motivating for the coaches and not motivating for the players. And we have to respect the other players here. They want to have a good season too."

There is absolutely NO NEED to carry 25 players. We carry too many players and too many older players that are no better than our young rookies. YOU give ME a break. Dude, we are the oldest and suckiest team in the division. No really, here are the average ages of each team in the Atlantic:
Mooseheads = 18.269
Titan = 17.826
Sea Dogs = 18.0
Screaming Eagles = 18.217
Rocket = 18.167
Wildcats = 18.16

Dump the useless 19 year olds (sorry guys) and let the youngins learn from experience. OK now I officially sound like everyone else. Der.

Just to prove that I am not as stupid as the average fan I will point out some stupid things I saw last night. 1) One chick kept trying to take pictures with her camera right up against the glass and with her flash on. Every picture was white - she never caught on what was wrong. 2) During the t-shirt toss there was a person (adult) behind the net banging on the glass and wanting a t-shirt tossed in their direction. They were upset that they were not getting a shirt - look up stupid - yes, that's netting.


Sea Dogs:

...are currently defeating the Montreal Junior by a score of 3-0. My Kirky has a goal. During their last game against PEI my Kirky had 2 goals. So far this season he has 6 goals and 3 assists in 11 games. I like my Kirky. I just want another excuse to link to this picture again - ohhh Diva.


wrap around curl said...

I feel like that picture of the goalie socks should have FAIL on it. And only like .00045 percent of internet users who frequent hockey blogs would get it.

Q-girl said...

They looked like blue jammie bottoms...but did you know that Marty supposedly doesn't wear proper hockey socks either? I think he made some sock like item from sweat least I think I heard that once.