Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Graduates

Former Gatineau Olympiques goaltender Ryan Mior is now trying his hand with the Florida Panthers/ Rochester Americans affiliate the Bossier-Shreveport Mugbugs, stopping 10 of 10 in his first game.

Of course, there are conflicting reports that say Ryan was with the University of Waterloo as of Sept 30...and even played a game with Waterloo on Oct 5th, but clearly that is not that way that my meow meow meow meow rolls.

So yeah, ultimately, WTF-up Ryan? Also, I have offered to let you throw me up against a wall and you still have not decided whether or not you want to do that. I am waiting. You can and will be usurped by all the other Newfie goalies waiting in the wings.

Pier-Olivier Pelletier played his first pre-season game with the Tampa Bay Lightning ECHL affiliate Augusta Lynx and allowed 3 goals on 9 shots in ~ 30 minutes of play*.

Dude, do you want my tough love? No, you do not! It involves way too much hair smelling and facial caressing. You CAN play better than that. YES you can! I am your one woman pep squad here...and like, 1000x cooler and smarter than the "Lady Lynx". You know this to be true because have any of the "Lady Lynx" made you blush yet? - Hell no. Did I make you blush? - Hell yes. DO BETTER. Also - coooooooo.

Not that some of the other goalies trying out for the Lynx are faring much better. Martin allowed 3 in 12 and Bucchino allowed 1 in 6 the following game. I have no idea what is currently going on but I hope he has not been cut yet.

*thanks stats man

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