Thursday, October 2, 2008

Speaking of AUS/CIS and Mooseheads

St Mary's University has finalized their men's hockey roster. My favorite boy in the whole world, recently departed moosehead Andrew White *hugs* has made the cut. Andrew is number 23, there is no number 22.

If the Moose continue to have that "catch a game puck and get it signed by your favorite Moosehead" promotion, and if I ever catch a puck, I should tell them through gritted teeth that I would like my puck signed by Andrew White.

SMU also have rookies Chris Morehouse (Moncton), Colby Pridham (Mooseheads - but we knew this ages ago), Garrett Peters (Mooseheads, Voltigeurs), Tyler Hawes (Rouyn -Noranda - also old news) and Jeff Marchand.

I have to go plan my dates with Andrew now (coo?). So much hockey, so little time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, how is the smu team doing ? Pridham and White were my favorite players. Do you have any new imformation on them ?

Q-girl said...

Matthew Wuest just wrote a piece today about former Moose.

But in order to keep track of our StMary's standings (second in the AUS) check out the AUS website

For team stats and game results check out:

For individual St Mary's player stats:

I don't know why Andrew has only played 7 games.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the sites :)