Sunday, October 5, 2008

I heart you - hooray for you

Pier-Olivier Pelletier is back on da ice. According to a recent blog post by Wuest, Pelletier has landed a gig with the Augusta Lynx of the ECHL. Ohhhh Augusta Georgia. I don't think I will be making it down there anytime soon.

Tonights game was horrible, but sweet Pier always has this way of kickstarting my happy feelings. I am sooooooo happy for Pier. Soooo happy. No you don't get my levels of happy! They are indescribable. We did not have a love/hate relationship. It was a love, and more obsessively scary kind of love relationship. He smells so pretty.

If he signed with the Augusta Lynx yesterday why did I not see this in my 'the hockey news' updates that I check on a daily basis while obsessively looking for his name?

COOOOOOOOO my sweet Pier. Congrats on not having to be an accountant or a firefighter.


EDIT: there it is - more news of signings - hooray *hugs*.

I totes told Pier to go back and work with Marco Marciano
and it totes worked. He picked up on my mental vibes. Some goalie coaches don't have cooties. According to an article by Jonathan Habashi in the Drummondville L'Express:
"(This is a google translation) Pelletier, who spent last season in the uniform of the Halifax Mooseheads, just agree with the Augusta Lynx, in the Hockey League's east coast. The 21-year netminder wanted to train one last time in the company of Marciano before taking the path of Georgia, where he will participate in training camp Lynx.

Marciano, who left the Voltigeurs during the summer to join the coaching staff of the Canadian senior women's team, was able to reconnect with some of his former protected.

"It was the first time I saw guys. I have not seen everybody, because we were busy on the ice, but I had the opportunity to speak with Guy Boucher, Antoine Tardif, Nathan Dunnet and a few others. It is always "fun" to review guys, especially after a bit. I will try to find some time to come and see the guys play in Drummond this season, "said Marciano."


"Dave Schultz" said...

God he's gorgeous.

You need google alerts set with your bf's names! google alerts totally kick ass.

wrap around curl said...

Srsly. He is lovely on the eyes....

Q-girl said...

i know. i just searched his name but found nothing new online. I search frequently because I am crazy...a boy that looks like that can make you crazy. I just want to play with his face. When I see him I cry because things that pretty were not meant for this Earth.

You did not see some of my crazy Pelletier blog posts - it was before your time. let me find it.

I think i may have a problem. this boy is still my desktop background.

"Dave Schultz" said...

now THAT is how to write a post when drunk! hahaaa I love it!!

Q-girl said...

the best part might be the line "fuck the penguins"

Q-girl said...

Oh and when I met him I was so happy that my face nearly snapped in half at the jaw, I was smiling so much. What? my boyfriend was there and his girlfriend was there...pfffff NUTS TO THEM trying to ruin our love with their "reality".

wrap around curl said...

Q; I think I might print that post off. And frame it.

Q-girl said...

that is how I really feel. Talk about being drunk and putting it all out there.