Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last night my boyfriends (the Mooseheads) and my secret lovers (the Sea Dogs) faced off in Saint John. My secret lovers pleased me 5 times, my boyfriends only once. Now you see why I must have a secret lover.

Since I was actually out with my real boyfriend on fancy dates, eating foie gras, drinking glass after glass of wine, champagne and dessert wine, and watching Flamenco, I did not see the game. Sometimes a girl has got to play classy. No velvet lined license plate NJ Devils purses for me last night, thank you very much.

Having said that, I will just post a link to Willy Palov's game review from the Herald

Here is the fun part:

They fell 5-1 to the Saint John Sea Dogs in Saint John on Saturday just one night after losing 7-2 to the P.E.I. Rocket at home. It is the Mooseheads’ fourth loss in a row and seventh in their first nine games of the season.

The turning point in the game came during a short stretch late in the first period when the Sea Dogs scored three straight goals to take a 3-0 lead. Pascal Amyot, David Stich and Steven Anthony all found the back of the net during a 2:50 span. The hole proved to be too deep for the Mooseheads, who have shown that coming from behind will be a challenge for them this year.

Yep, three goals in 6 shots.

We are number 6 (in the division of 6)... we are number 6!!! Woooooo!!!

At least the Sea Dogs got a chance to win, breaking their five game losing streak. I hope they keep it up with the wins. I can also say, at least we are not the Val d'Or Foreurs. They have yet to win a game this season, their first point coming last night in an OT loss against the Drummondville Voltigeurs. Horrah, the Moose are not the worst in the league (we are one spot from being the worst, HA).

I still love 'em though. I must thank Feist for writing this love song for us.

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wrap around curl said...

Oh the secret lovers...

My Chiefs lost last night in shootout. I am convinced it was because coach sent the wrong players. I suppose he was giving the newbies a shot...But still.