Monday, October 6, 2008

Paquette is a MAINEiac

The Moosehead lost to the Lewiston MAINEiacs by a score of 7 to 3. Alexis Piette, Travis Randell and Chad Earle scored for Halifax. Alexander Beaton scored twice for Lewiston while Billy Lacasse, Danick Paquette, Maxime Gratchev, Marc Bourgeois, and √Čtienne Brodeur had the other markers. Wuest has a complete game summary online at the metro.

Corbeil got the start for Halifax but was pulled 5 minutes into the second period after allowing 5 goals on 17 shots. He was replaced by Mark Yetman who allowed 2 on 15. In nets for Lewiston was Halifax native Philip Wright. He made 28 saves on 31 shots. He is tiny like a toy goalie but he looks spriggin' with his mask on. His team photo tells a different story - but don't they always (and Lewiston's photos are always especially bad).

Wright can see you. He beez peepin' over the barz.

If Heather thought Tokarski was tick-y this kid is crazy. I saw him touch the crossbar with his glove hand 10 times in just one minute of play. He hits the posts before the start of the period left then right. Talk about ritual. I have never seen someone so overloaded with such obvious quirks play in the Q.

The three stars of the game were:
  1. LEW - Beaton, Alexander
  2. LEW - Gratchev, Maxime
  3. LEW - Paquette, Danick
It was a pitiful game this, absolutely pitiful.

I don't really want to talk about it but I will make a couple of brief point form notes:
  • Linden Bahm hits things because he loves me. The Q website game recap says he had 1 good hit, but he went on a run with 4 hits in a row right in front of me, right side of the net- hit, left side - hit, right side - hit, left side - hit.
  • The Moose played like idiots, constantly passing the puck blind and backwards to nobody.
  • Wet, sweaty goalies were hung out to dry.
  • Our PK sucked. We allowed 3 on 8.
  • I think Yetman was so screened that he was completely blind to the second goal he allowed.
  • God, Danick Paquette is a pain in the ass. This is made worse by his being a huge FAKER. Be a captain - lead by EXAMPLE.
  • Yep, Denis Ruel still eats babies.

Oh how the mighty have fallen
...and by fallen, I mean stumbled just a bit. The Moncton Wildcats have finally been defeated, it just took overtime against the Saint John Sea Dogs to do it. They still get a point - grrrrrr.
Which of my SeaDogs lovers turned it out? Didomenico has two goals (including the OT winner. Keven (can I call you Kevie?) Guerette-Charland had the other. Kevie and my sweet Kirky-cookie had assists, along with Sparling, Stich, Liske and Grant. Kevie, Kirky and Simon are my Sea Dogs holy trinity. Don't ask why!

Mayer stopped 32 of 34 shots for the win. He also has a new centurian style helmet. Frankly, while it is different from your standard helmet (hey, no brick walls), I do not like it.

The Dogs have a full game recap (as usual) on their website.

Speaking of Sea Dogs and Holy things...the UNB Varsity Reds have released their team photo.

Holy hell boy! Rawr indeed. Do you think his teammates make fun of him for this? I hope so. I have to buy new panties for the sole purpose of throwing them at him.


wrap around curl said...

Ahwwww zee bebe goalie!

Well, how often did he touch his chestplate? Tokarski is every 4 seconds...

Q-girl said...

hmmm didn't notice any of that.

wrap around curl said...

I have studied Toka veryyyyy closely. Almost like an anthropologist. I wonder what a real anthro would say about his ticks.

eyebleaf said...

"I have to buy new panties for the sole purpose of throwing them at him."

LOL. Awesome. Simply awesome.

Q-girl said...

Yar. I am the awesomeist. I may also be a little bit pirate...really I can think of no reason why he shouldn't want to make me his...even if it is just for an hour. Heck, make it 10 minutes. OK. I'll settle for 5. Last offer, just get ne-ked and stand there for me.

I guess will just have to settle for him playing goalie. That will do.