Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have mush for brains...teehee

To make a long story short, The Mooseheads played the uber poopy Chicoutimi Sagueneens last night and lost by a score of 7-1. I hear it was bad. The team completely collapsed after a second period go-ahead goal by Gerrad Grant was disallowed because of a non-called interference penalty (ugh this has hints of an unfortunate Sea Dogs post-season game last year).

The Sags went on to score six more unanswered goals before the herd were taken out back and put out of their misery- Old Yeller style with a shot gun. What do you mean that never happened? So I still have to suffer through more of this for the rest of the season? Crap!!!

According to Willy Palov's article in the Chronicle Herald:

Unfortunately, Mark Yetman had to pay more than anybody else when things unravelled for the Mooseheads. The 20-year-old goaltender actually played a pretty good game but was only put out of his misery with 7:24 left when Russell pulled him after Chicoutimi made it 6-1.

"I left him in because I really felt we could come back in the third period and win the game. It wasn’t Yetman’s fault," Russell said. "But when they scored the sixth goal I thought it was time to get (Mathieu) Corbeil in there. It’s a shame to put a guy in with only seven minutes left but it was just not fair to Mark."

Losing like this on a promotional night, after we have not been able to pull in a decent crowd for the greater part of the season, does not bode well future attendance records.

What does make me proud is my sweet sweet Linden Bahm. I like him more every day. He is slowly spackling the empty space in my heart that was left dead-like and barren upon Andrew White's departure. He is doing it with his defensive prowess and abundant good hits. In a game with seven goals against, Linden was not a minus player, and he was only one of three players to do so (including Louis-XVI and Earle).

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UNB vs Dalhousie:
Well, actually, I did not have to suffer through that debacle. But the thought of that game tears my heart asunder. I instead suffered through a painfully boring Dalhousie vs UNB game. UNB defeated Dalhousie 5-2. The Daily Gleaner has a review.

Ya know what though. I didn't really watch that game either because Travis Fullerton was not playing. He was sitting, yawning and doing that sexy tugging at his jersey thing he does. I was staring at him, yawning, drooling, taking a couple of totally crappy pictures, giggling with my girls and sipping from a pop bottle half-full of Vodka. What? No, I am neither a stalker nor an alcoholic. I am simply a fun-loving slut (fine I admit it: I talk the talk but cannot walk the walk, it is called mental sluttery).

The score of the game is irrelevant, who had goals and assists is irrelevant, the fact that Fullerton did not play kinda sucks for both of us (really really sucks), but all that really matters is that I once again got to share breathing space with him. I am cool with that.


What is really weird is that the AUS make the back-up goaltenders wear a skater's helmet despite the fact that they sit on an area of bench behind the glass. They were really trying to protect my Travis's sexy-pretty noggin. I guess I should thank them.

*Sigh* I just want to nibble on him (lies, my mental perversion knows no bounds), preferably after a display of mad puck-stopping skillz. Is that so wrong?



wrap around curl said...

Mental Sluttery is the best.

Q-girl said...

I remain baby and STD free, and it's all thanks to mental sluttery.
Oh, but Travis is so purrrty and naughty looking. If given the chance here to be a real cheating sluttery slut, my purity bells and whistles might have to get turned off temporarily.