Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey Playa, THAT feels even better.

Tonight the Mooseheads took on the MAINEiacs at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston. This time we won - WITH A SHUTOUT. I don't even have to pull out a calculator to figure out the save percentage on this one, as Mark Yetman stopped 43 of 43 shots for the win.

How stressful were the last two minutes of play? Answer - so very f'n stressful. We gave Lewiston a power play with just under two minutes remaining in the game and had to finish it off playing 4 on 6 hockey.

Mooseheads goals were scored by rookies Ned O'Brien (Linden Bahm, Justin Pender) and Chad Earle (Linden Bahm, Gerrad Grant), both in the first period. One of the most beautiful moments was after Chad Earle's goal when one unidentified Moosehead player totally biffed it while celebrating the goal. I did indeed "laugh out loud". I love when stupid unpredictable things happen during hockey games.

Once again this year we have to be careful about turning the puck over and giving our opponents a chance to score on our power play. Knotek did this twice. Since Mark was there to save the day I will not banish Knotek to the sofa, but he will be sleeping at the foot of the bed with no blankets.

Alexis Piette was today's faceoff master winning 14 of 19 draws. Unfortunately, he was the stressinator who got a penalty at 18:15 of the 3rd. If Mark is smart he will slap him upside the head for threatening his shutout bid.

Mark was good at corralling the rebounds and he made a most delightful glove save with about 4 minutes left in the game. He was huggin' posts, preventing rebounds, and playin' the puck like a pro. Playin' like only a playa' can play. When I went to bed last night I was all like grrrr Yetman. When I woke up this morning I was all like grrrr Yetman... and yet right now Mark is looking amazingly dreamy. Think of all the sexy fun times we could have with that 'first star' (and Linden Bahm). Rawr.

The three stars are:
  1. HAL - Yetman, Mark
  2. HAL - Bahm, Linden
  3. LEW - Wright, Philip


wrap around curl said...

Shutouts= teh sexay.

Q-girl said...

This is one of life's undeniable truths