Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh yeah, that feels good.

Tonight I was just sitting about, probably watching whatever hockey game was on TV (Detroit vs Vancouver) when my boyfriend informed me that "Marty Brodeur is about two minutes from doing that which cannot be named". I replied "fucking your girlfriend?"

97 career shutouts baybee.


News links from around the Q-niverse:

Nathan White (Telegraph Journal) - Dogs rearguard off to blistering scoring pace (a David Stich story- which reminds me, why do none of our Mooseheads players step out and block shots. We have to toughen up)

Nathan White (Telegraph Journal) - Dogs Dominate PEI again (now with Bobby Nadeau quotes - yummy) ...or if we tell the same story with a PEI based slant it goes something like (Charles Reid: the Guardian) - Rocket Drops close one to sea Dogs (now with more Bobby Nadeau quotes)

Neil Hodge (Times and Transcript) - Wildcats dominate Titan

Nathan White (Times and Transcript) - Rivalry stays on the ice (a too cute story about the sweet goalie love between opposing netminders. Let me just squish myself into the middle of this goalie love sandwich.)

Neil Hodge (Times and Transcript) - Cats Forward has Strong Bloodlines (A Matt Brown Story)

Peter Assaff (the Northern Light) - Cameron Critchlow leads by example

T.J Collello (Cape Breton Post) - MacLellan finds home in Dieppe (what happens to useful 20 year olds in the Q; they end up in the MJAHL)

Czech over-ager Patrick Prokop was traded from the Gatineau Olympiques to the Drummondville Voltigeurs.

Four QMJHL teams are in the Mastercard top 10 CHL rankings:
1. Windsor Spitfires (8-1-0-0)
2. Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (10-2-0-0)
3. Quebec Remparts (9-1-0-0)
4. Moncton Wildcats (8-0-2-0)
5. Swift Current Broncos (8-2-0-0)
6. Vancouver Giants (7-0-0-2)
7. Guelph Storm (7-2-0-1)
8. Drummondville Voltigeurs (8-1-0-2)
9. Spokane Chiefs (6-1-0-2)
10. Belleville Bulls (6-3-0-0)


wrap around curl said...

Stupid, stupid Giants. Grr.

Q-girl said...

I find it bizarre that you are more disappointed about the Giants and less concerned about the quality of Marty's sweet lovin'. The least you could do is ask me about my experience as a bonee, geesh ;)

yeah, I did just use and emoticon - you have a problem with that?

dani said...

I'm still laughing at "Q-niverse." haha!

Q-girl said...

It's my Q-niverse. You just live in it. Actually, you live just outside it...probably closer to the O-niverse. The O-niverse sounds satisfying

wrap around curl said...

Nay, we are out in our W-niverse. Doesn't roll off the tongue at all.

Oh I never know what to say about Marty. Other than, "did you tie him to the posts?"