Friday, October 31, 2008

Can't we all just get along?

I am a practical girl. I don’t get too attached. I hate when boys want to get married and have babies, or say they love you on your facebook wall. That BS is for pussies. I also hate it when things get messy – like when your boyfriends find out you have a team of secret lovers. Then it is like a nuke went off in the Metro Centre and Nathan Petrelli wasn’t there to fly the nuke into the sky and save the world (which strangely enough means the cheerleader was totally not necessary).

What? Yeah exactly!!! The Halifax Mooseheads defeated the Saint John Sea Dogs by a score of 6-3. I didn’t see that one coming. The other thing I didn’t see coming was my #1 QMJHL boyfriend Mathieu Corbeil getting the start….and winning…with a 0.91 save% on 34 shots. Apparently Corbeil got the start because Yetman had been fighting a flu earlier in the week. Yetman should get more flues, or mono, or some other skank disease for being a skank so that my sweet MCT can get more starts. Yeti should come and visit me - I will give him skank disease. We will say I did it all for MCT.

Some points of note:
The Mooseheads had nine power play opportunities but actually only had one goal with the man advantage. Alexis Piette potted two in the first period alone, and our rookies did a good job stepping up their game in order to offset the loss of Logan MacMillan from the Mooseheads lineup. Desjardins, Piette, Bernard, Grant and Cheremetiev all had goals; while for the Sea Dogs it was Stich, Liske and newcomer Kyle Paige who were able to find the back of the Mooseheads net.

The Mooseheads dominated the three stars:

  1. HAL - Piette, Alexis
  2. HAL - Corbeil-Thériault, Mathieu
  3. HAL - Bernard, Jessyko

MCT has to be steadier, and try to control the puck better, because he was left juggling the puck on a number of occasions. The potential for rebounds is scary. I will have to make him some soothing teas to calm him down. However, he kept his composure when he came one-on-one during a penalty shot by Sea Dogs sniper and Maple Leafs draft pick Christopher DiDomenico. I think Dido actually lost control of the puck, but Corbeil looked like he did a pretty good job of tracking Dido, forcing him to hold-off on the shot and ultimately biff the play.

Richie Greer was playing. I noticed him about halfway through the second (even though he had two penalties in the first…he was like invisible). I said to myself - keep an eye out for Greer and his pencil neck. I then forgot about him and didn’t notice him again for the rest of the game. Maybe it is good when you don’t notice the defenceman.

What the Dogs did:
Robert Mayer was pulled 15 minutes into the first after allowing 3 goals on 9 shots. He had a misplay on a puck handling attempt and another flukey situation where the puck bounced over Mayer and Amyot's sticks and came to rest with Desjardins who then put it tidily in the net. Most of the goals against Mayer seemed like timely flukes. I rarely chalk it up to luck...but damn were the Mooseheads lucky last night. Sea Dogs coach Beaulieu looked pissed when he finally called Mayer off the ice and put St-Laurent in nets as a replacement. St-Laurent looks like he has bad posture.

The Sea Dogs were scrappy. Especially after Captain Alex Grant was tossed out of the game and assessed a 10 minute major at the end of the second period. I had no idea what was going on but Grant was put in the box with less than a minute left in the 2nd, said something sassy to a ref; he was then released from the box and as he was being escorted off the ice he wrestled the ref off of his ass, headed towards the exit, then the bench, then towards Corbeil whom he looked like he wanted to have words with, before he was grabbed again and lead off the ice. Grant got all bitchy again at the end of the game and went after Gabe O’Connor; a delightful waltz ensued.

Yann Sauve was doing a lot of chatting with the refs and getting quite scrappy with my Moose. When a ref shoved Yann Sauve up against the glass, with his forearm across Sauve’s chest and they began to argue I got all hot and bothered. It was f’n hot. The puckbunny in me took over and I could just imagine having a lovers quarrel, shoving Yann up against a wall and then…… making up.

Sauve was then kicked out of the game.

David Stich is a beast. Who doesn’t like a good shot block. I saw the puck come off his arm; Stich winced in pain, got up and kept on playing. Who says Europeans are soft? He also got in a fight with Louis-XVI, which he was winning until Louis-XVI got in a good shot to the head that left David bleeding from his left brow. He departed the ice covered in blood with about 40 seconds left in the 3rd. Then we had to wait for the ice to be cleaned. Fights at the end of the third =fines.

Another Sea Dogs penalty with 30 seconds left in the game had the Dogs defending against a 4 on 3. They quit playing, because by the end the game had just become a joke. I saw my delightful man-child Simon Despres shaking his head and smiling while he stood there doing nothing for the last 30 seconds. May I just point out that Simon was in town and still failed to pick up his freshly baked cookies? He is grounded.

I understand that the Sea Dogs felt they were being ganged up on and were using that whole – “if you think that was a penalty I will SHOW YOU A PENALTY” philosophy, but they have to learn to control their tempers. We like our affairs heated, wild and passionate…but not like this Sea Dogs, NOT LIKE THIS.

In a game where the Sea Dogs gave up 6 goals, my Kirky and Simon were 0 players and my Kevie was a +1. Oh my sweet Sea Dogs trinity – how I love thee. This sounds like a Sea Dogs love fest all up in here, but it is just that they fan the flames of passion and I know them very well, whereas, it feels like I do not know my team anymore.

They are all new…14 rookies. We are still building up a relationship and developing trust. Sometimes I think they win just to tease me….and then take away what little trust they have earned by following their win with a crushing defeat. They are trying to make me beg for it, they want me to want it bad enough to choke a bitch for it. They plant seeds in my head and watch them grow into lusty ideas of success, only to quit on me and make me do all the work. No, you call me, they say; then they demand that I message them, or suggest that I send naughty pics to their cell. Never. How about you do something for a change?

It didn’t feel the same without Travis Fullerton there. While I left the game excited, I did not leave the game feeling the need to hump something. That is just so wrong and it is a damn dirty shame.

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